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Mark Smock
Business Buyers Directory

Mark Smock is President of, the FIRST international business buyer directory of its kind. Business Buyer Directory provides a non-traditional means for proactive business buyers to locate businesses for sale worldwide that meet their exact registered purchase criteria.
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Now they call you Manager
Mark Smock - Leadership and Management Article
You have worked hard and you have just gotten that promotion you have always wanted and certainly earned. You have never supervised or been held responsible for other’s job performance and productivity. Now what?
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Why do we Buy? .. to Avoid Pain
Mark Smock - Why do we Buy Article
Our innate drive to maintain our “comfort zone” directly affects how and what we purchase. Pain versus pleasure, similarity versus unfamiliarity and comfort versus stress; self inflected or not, are all feelings and emotions that affect most facets of our lives. How we deal with such emotion volatility directly affects our motivations to buy things that make us feel better.
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Better Listening Skills = More Sales
Mark Smock - More Sales Article
Today’s business environment is intrinsically tied together by ongoing information exchanges between two people. This personal communication is most often facilitated by the spoken word. Understanding this information, as it flows within a dialogue between two people is fundamental to improving one’s selling effectiveness.
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Don't Make These Top 10 Selling Mistakes
Mark Smock - Selling Mistakes Article
Achievement of selling “excellence” is most often earned rather than learned. Outstanding professionals continuously seek to hone their skills from mistakes made and lessons learned in pursuit of success. Professional sales people in search of extraordinary selling competence are no exception.
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Key Steps to a Sound Business Purchase Structure
Mark Smock - Small Business Article
If you have just decided to start the process of buying your first company or if you are a seasoned mergers and acquisitions professional, you as a business buyer, need to utilize a disciplined, structured approach to purchase the best business acquisition possible. This article will give you a shortcut to incorporating most of the elements you must have to systematically qualify and “bias” the business purchase negotiations in your favor with the business seller.
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8 Key Questions to Ask in Every Sales Situation
Mark Smock - Selling Article
Solving people’s and organization’s problems is ultimately what business is all about. Effective selling involves defining your existing or potential customer’s problems. If properly “sold”, a sales prospect will have his problems solved with your company’s products or services.
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10 Cardinal Rules to Business Growth
Mark Smock Marketing + Small Business Article
After over 30 years of participating in hundreds of businesses, competing in at least as many different industries, with companies marketing both products and services, you begin to develop and accumulate some fundamental businesses axioms or “rules of thumb” that seem to make more sense everyday and gain more value in business practice as your career continues to advance and evolve.
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