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Alan J. Zell
Selling Ambassador, Businessman & Advisor
Alan J. Zell is an American authority in sales, business success and business management. He has become a national authority from advising business, educational, services & governmental organizations.
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Good Customer Service in the 21st Century
Alan J zell - Customer Service Article
You serve customers, usually thought to be the potential and current users of any organization's output. But customers can and do come in many variations, customers are those being asked to accept and adopt an idea, information, service or product. Sometimes they are called clients; sometimes they are called patients.
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Selling Situations
Alan J. Zell Selling Article
The word "selling" takes on different meanings to different people at different times. Most people, even those "in sales," seldom agree with the oft used statement, "All selling is the same."
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The Rules of Selling
Alan J. Zell Selling Article
Every game needs rules. If, selling is called the "selling" game, then by all logic there should be rules. Some think there are too many people offering too many rules and I am one of them. I believe that because there are too many rules most people think selling is difficult. There are penalties attached to breaking the rules - lost sales, lost raises, and maybe even lost jobs.
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Finding More Business
Alan J. Zell Selling + Marketing Article
Every business needs more business. That's an accepted fact. The unaccepted fact is that most businesses don't use all the opportunities available that will bring them additional business. When one looks for additional business, the primary goal should center around getting "second sales.
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Going into Business for Yourself, the Ultimate Business Oxymoron
Alan J. Zell Business Start Up Article
Every decade has its "hot" business themes. In the past three or four decades for big business, the themes were "TQM" (Total Quality Management) "Management by Objective" and "Team Circles" to name a few of the better know ones.
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