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David Bond
Entrepreneur, Writer, and Businessman

David Bond is a freelance writer for He has worked in leadership positions in both online and bricks & mortar businesses.

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Funny Business and Finance Terms
David Bond Funny Financial Terms
See the list of funny business and finance terms explained so that anyone can understand them. While they are meant to be humorous, there's also a lot of truth in many of them.
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Search Engine Optimization Tips for Small Businesses
David Bond Search Engine Optimization Basics
Have you ever wondered why the sites at the top of search engine results are there? Especially if your site is nowhere to be seen, yet it has a lot more valuable content or a better product range than those at the top. It can be frustrating for small businesses that put a lot of work into their websites, yet get a fraction of the visitors that some people talk about receiving.
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How to Deal with Difficult Customers in Your Online Business
David Bond Dealing with Difficult Customers Online
The world is filled with all kinds of people, and if you are in business you will encounter many different types of customers. Some are easy to please and a pleasure to do business with, but others can be quite difficult to please and quite difficult to deal with. If your business is an online enterprise, then communicating with difficult customers is a special challenge, because you are working from a distance and can easily get into problems if your e-mails are misunderstood.
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Five things to Consider before Starting your own Business
David Bond Starting Your Own Business
Getting free from dominating bosses and the possibility to make your own decisions is one of the lures of starting your own business. As attractive as it looks, not everyone is suited for self-employment. Before you go ahead with any plan to start a business it is important to take a close look at yourself and ask yourself some important questions.
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How to Start a Home Based Business
David Bond How to Start a Home Based Business
Many people dream about having their own home business in order to escape the hassle of commuting, friction with overbearing bosses and the stress of the corporate workplace. In the good old days, the ideal home business was some kind of mail-order business. However, in today's world an Internet-based business offers the best way to gain flexibility and economic independence.
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How to Write a Business Plan for Small Businesses
David Bond Writing a Small Business Plan
A plan for your small business is useful if you want to focus yourself and get an overall picture of what you have to do in order to build your enterprise. On top of that, a good business plan is an absolute must if you want to convince institutions or individuals to loan money or invest in your business. One way to organize your business plan is to compose it like an informative news article, explaining the who, what, when, why, and how of your business.
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