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Careers Article by Michael Dylan Careers Article by Michael Dylan

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Michael Dylan
Internet Entrepreneur and Businessman

Michael Dylan is a successful entrepreneur and business enthusiast. He has owned and managed several successful business online and offline.

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Working Life Working Life - Article by Michael Dylan

Working is a major influence on who we are as people and who we will become in life. Understanding the importance of the job we do is the first step towards appreciating the gift of work and learning how to use it to our advantage. Rather than seeing our work as just being something that we begrudgingly do each week day from 9 to 5, we have to see it as something more meaningful.

Work Creates Discipline Work Creates Discipline
The commitment involved in getting up and going to work each day to devote many hours to a particular job is a major accomplishment. Regardless of the type of work one does, the simple fact that a person can make it to the workplace day after day is impressive.

Work is Giving Work is Giving
By giving your time and commitment to your work you are contributing to society in many ways. You may be working to keep food on the table for your family, providing valuable products or services to society, or creating jobs for others if you're the boss.

Work Encourages Growth Work Encourages Growth
The skills we learn at work can involve everything from spiritual growth through to improved physical health. The contacts we have with customers or coworkers encourages social interaction, which is a great way to learn how to deal with people from a variety of backgrounds. Many skills from particular industries can also be of benefit in our home life.

Work Improves Life Work Improves Life
For the person that has little motivation or the ambition to do better in life, their conditions are improved by working because they can provide for their family and perhaps take the occasional holiday. But for those seeking more out of life, with big hopes and dreams, work is the key to change. It may start with a job that merely feeds and clothes you, which later leads to creating the change necessary to rise above your current circumstances. That could mean attaining further education while you are still working to get a better job, creating a product that could improve the life of others, or getting the savings needed to start your own business.

We can let work use us and become just another number clocking on and and off each day, or we can use work to create the person we wish to become in life. By choosing to learn from the work we have to do, we can eventually do the work we really want to do. If we collect chicken eggs or are the mayor of a city we are learning everyday, contributing to society, and improving the life of those around us.

"You know you are on the road to success if you would do your job, and not be paid for it." Oprah Winfrey Quote

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This article by Michael Dylan may not be reproduced online in part or whole. Copyright ©

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Working Life Article by Michael Dylan

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