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Managing member of Independence Partners, LP, a SEC registered hedge fund and editor of
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Jesse Livermore And His Legacy (2 Parts)
Henry To, CFA - Jesse Livermore Article
Jesse Livermore was a great trader and speculator.. always willing to learn, study and open to new ideas. He was also an eccentric man, unparalleled in his dedication to always gaining an advantage over all other traders and investors. So why Livermore? Is it because of the glamour of discussing such a man? No. Why not Gann? Or Buffet? Was there some type of “secret recipe” for his successes in both the stock and the commodities market?
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The Dow Theory Article (2 Parts)
Henry To, CFA - Investing in Stock Article
It is interesting and amazing to note that not until Charles Dow started compiling the Dow Jones Industrial and Dow Jones Rail Index and started writing about the stock market a little over a hundred years ago, stock speculation was regarded merely as a game for the rich or as gambling for the brave. Sure, there were the tape readers, but the majority of the public regarded Wall Street as a source of excitement - the entertainment provided freely (unless you were on the wrong side) by figures such as Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jay Gould, and the infamous Daniel Drew.
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