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Barack Obama Biography (Barack Hussein Obama): Democratic Politician & 44th American President
Famous for : Being the fifth African American Senator in the United States and for being the first black president of the USA for the Democratic Party in 2008. Barack is married to Michelle Obama. Obama won reelection in 2012, defeating Mitt Romney.
Obama details : Born - August 4, 1961 Honolulu, Hawaii / Lives - United States of America

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Barack Obama is best known for serving as a Junior US Senator for Illinois and for becoming the first black American president of the United States of America for the US Democratic party, beating the republican John McCain for the 2008 Presidential Election.

Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Hawaii to a Kenyan father and American mother and lived in Honolulu until the age of six. His father eventually returned to Kenya and his mother remarried another man and moved Obama with her to Jakarta to live with his new Indonesian stepfather. Obama lived in Jakarta until the age of ten then moved back to the United States to finish his grade school in Hawaii while living with his grandparents.

After graduating high school, Barack Obama moved to Los Angeles and studied for two years at Occidental College. He eventually moved to New York and studied at Columbia University for his undergraduate degree in political science. After graduating in 1983, Obama worked for two years at Business International Corporation and New York Public Interest Research Group. In 1985, Obama moved out to Chicago to work as a community organizer to help improve living conditions in areas around the city. His service position gave him ideas for change and improvement and prompted him to study law at Harvard Law School starting in 1988, the same year he met his future wife, Michelle Robinson.

Barack Obama graduated with a law degree in 1991 and returned to Chicago shortly thereafter to work as a civil rights lawyer and lecturer at the University of Chicago. One year later, Obama and Robinson married.

Obama ran for public office a few years later and won a seat in the Illinois Senate in 1997 where he stayed until 2004. Although he ran for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2000, he lost and three years later decided to try for the U.S. Senate instead.

With 70% of the vote, Barack Obama won a seat in the 109th Congress in 2004 and was sworn in to office on January 4, 2005. He immediately began fighting for weapon control and improving international relations and gained bipartisan support for his efforts in reforming ethics and health care laws. Although he advocated children's rights and education, Obama did receive criticism for his impartial votes on abortion issues.

Barack Obama continued his support of veteran and children's rights while working in the Senate and began working towards laws that would benefit veterans, control immigration, manage healthcare and improve education across the country. He worked under the Bush administration to improve international affairs while fighting for active control over border immigration. As the power of Congress shifted to the Democratic Party, Obama began working with fellow congressmen to eliminate gifts and contributions by lobbyists in Washington. He has also advocated for energy changes in response to global climate crises, but has received some criticism for his support of a bill promoting liquefied coal.

Obama announced his bid for the 2008 presidency in February of 2007. He went on to become the nominee for the Democratic Party's bid to become the American president. In June 2008 Hillary Rodham Clinton conceded defeat for the Democratic nomination and gave her support to Barack Obama. Senator Obama and John McCain of the Republican party competed to become the President of the United States in 2008. Obama won the hard fought election after much negative campaigning by the Republican John McCain, to become the first African American president of the United States of America.

Barack Obama chose the Delaware senator Joe Biden for the position of vice president of the United States of America.

The president was reelected in 2012 with Joe Biden as vice president. The Republican Party's Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan were defeated with Romney receiving 47.9 percent of the nationwide popular vote and Obama received 50.6 percent. Obama gained 332 electoral votes and Romney gained 206, with 270 electoral votes needed to win.

Barack and his wife, Michelle Obama, have two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

The New Yorker Magazine Cover Controversy
In July 2008 the New Yorker magazine published a satirical cartoon on the cover of their magazine depicting Barack and Michelle Obama as radical terrorists in the oval office. Read more about the controversial New Yorker cover of Barack Obama.

Barack Obama Becomes First Black President
On the 4th of Novemeber 2008 Barack Obama won the presidential election, defeating senator John McCain to become the first African American president of the United States of America. Barack Obama wins Presidential Election. Read his Presidential Victory Speech.

Barack Obama is Time Magazine's Person of the Year 2008
In December 2008 the influential Time Magazine chose Barack Obama as the Person of the Year for 2008.

President Barack Obama Wins the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009
The American president is awarded the Nobel Peace prize just 9 months into his presidency Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2009.

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Barack Obama Biography - Life

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