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Fraudster Bernie Madoff

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Bernard Madoff Biography - Profile Bernard Madoff Online - Life

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Bernie Madoff Biography (Bernard Lawrence Madoff) : Investor and Fraudster
Famous for : Masterminding one of the largest investment frauds ever committed by one person. Madoff's Ponzi scheme fraud claimed an estimated $50 billion.
Madoff details : Born - 29th of April, 1938 New York City, New York, USA / Lives United States of America

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Bernie Madoff Information

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Bernard Madoff pages from the Woopidoo website. Includes Bernard Madoff news, biography, investing quotes, and people related to the famous American investor notable for stealing more than $50 billion in a ponzi scheme.

  • Bernard Madoff Biography - Information on the life of Bernard Madoff, the famous Jewish American investment fraud and convicted criminal.
  • Bernie Madoff Quotes - Bernard Madoff investment quotes about the stock market, Wall Street, and greed.

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Bernard Madoff Quotes Jewish Bernie Madoff Quotes

You had a lot of novice investors who got into the market looking for easy money, without any regard to the fundamentals. These stocks were running on fumes. (Madoff talking about the Internet bubble)
Bernard Madoff - Investing - Greed - Stocks - Money - Risk - Bull Market

Wall Street is one big turf war.. by benefiting one person you are disadvantaging another person.
Bernard Madoff - Wall Street - Stock Market

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Bernie Madoff Biography - Information

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