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Bill Gates Retirement

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Bill Gates Retirement Bill Gates Profile - Bill Gates Retires from Microsoft

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Bill Gates foundation
Bill Gates Biography (William Henry Gates III): Microsoft Founder
Famous for : Being one the richest men in the world, a cofounder of the software company Microsoft, and for being one of the world's most generous philanthropists.
Gates details : Born - USA October 28, 1955 Lives - United States of America
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Bill Gates Retirement

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As of June 27, 2008, Bill Gates was no longer the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, a company he founded and help build for the last few decades. At the age of 52, Gates decided to step down from the daily operations of the software giant and, instead, focus his time and energy on his other love: philanthropy.

Although he chose to maintain his position as Chairman of Microsoft Board of Directors, and remains the company's largest shareholder, Gates stepped down from his position to dedicate the majority of his time to running the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the world's largest and richest philanthropic organizations. Gates stated that he still planned on spending one day a week at Microsoft but otherwise would be engaged in distributing much needed finances and resources to organizations all over the world.

As a Harvard dropout, Gates followed his vision of streamlining user-friendly software and helping the average consumer find efficiency in a personal computer. By developing consumer software that helped people create and interact, Gates became a pioneer in the computer age and has left a legacy in his wake.

Although Microsoft saw it's peak in the late 1990s, it's still a leader in software development and helped Gates amass a fortune of over $100 billion, a large percentage of which went to the foundation. Gate's successor, Steve Ballmer, took over as CEO when Gates stepped down. Microsoft became a legend of its time, but it still has to work hard in order to keep up with changing technologies.

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Is the rich world aware of how four billion of the six billion live? If we were aware, we would want to help out, we'd want to get involved.
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My success, part of it certainly, is that I have focused in on a few things.
Bill Gates - Success - Focus

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Bill Gates Retirement from Microsoft

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