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Business People : Includes a listing of business biographies. The newest business people to be profiled are listed first. To view the profiles alphabetically you can return to the Business Masters page.

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McDonalds Fast Food Founder Ray Kroc : McDonald's founder and entrepreneur.
Go to : Ray Kroc Biography - Ray Kroc Quotations - All Ray Kroc
Donald Trump Biography Donald Trump : Real Estate mogul and star of The Apprentice.
Go to : Donald Trump Biography - Donald Trump Quotations - All Donald Trump

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Newest Biographies
oil billionaire
american billionaire
art collector
wikileaks founder
ebay ceo
american billionaire philanthropist
Ponzi Scam Fraudster
american financier
i pity the fool
american psychologist
american philosopher
critic of religion
hilton hotels founder
16th american president
canadian environmentalist
Swiss psychologist
African American Businessman
Famous American Writer
Harry Potter books author
american business woman
lvmh ceo and french businessman
spiritual author
ge ceo jeff immelt
hay house publishing founder
think and grow rich author
famous italian designer
famous british atheist
richest man in spain
wife of barack obama
texas billionaire
american democratic politician
republican politician
a brief history of time author
theory of evolution
Jewish American fashion designer
The greatest salesman in the world
Australian Prime Minister
Business management thinker
Philosopher of communism and marxism
American actress and humanitarian
the power of now author
Indian billionaire
Indian billionaire
The Art of War Author
african american activist
wal mart founder
british american idol judge
jewish american billionaire
federal reserve chairman gay irish writer humanitarian and catholic nun German humanitarian and philosopher
american inventor of the lightbulb american politician Jewish lesbian american African American politician
Jewish Billionaire Fashion Designer Billionaire Yahoo founder American billionaire philanthropist American billionaire businessman
Human rights activist KFC Chicken Fast Food Founder McDonalds Fast Food Founder Swedish Ikea billionaire
American CEO and Philanthropist indian american self improvement author american motivational speaker american billionaire internet entrepreneur
american athlete and spiritual author
rich jewish american billionaire
jewish russian billionaire
self help autor and positive thinking
stock market investor
fed reserve chairman usa
politician and environmentalist
american author and deaf blind activist
Microsoft CEO billionaire crazy johns mobile phones playboy magazine founder british entrepreneur and activist
australian billionaire retailer walt disney company founder financial advisor american football coach
wife of bill clinton president clinton australian investment planner internet entrepreneur and billionaire
bill and melinda gates foundation founder Self help expert Casino resort developer daughter of donald trump
billionaire dell founder American talkshow host richest mexican man apple computers and pixar
google search engine google search engine founder the 7 habits of highly effective people investor and company takeover expert
hong kong billionaire Wayne Dyer Biography Investor, author and financial educator. ford motor company
rupert murdoch Biography
Oprah Winfrey : Talk show host and business woman
Australia's richest man and media mogul.
George Soros : Billionaire fund manager
General Electric CEO (former)
New York real estate developer
stock market investor
British entrepreneur and Founder of Virgin
Microsoft founder and worlds richest man
Motivational speaker and self help expert
Jim Rohn : Self help author, Motivational Speaker
Self help author and business coach Brian Tracy

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