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David Geffen Biography - Profile David Geffen Biography - Life

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David Geffen Biography : Record Executive
Famous for : Being the founder of Asylum Records and Geffen Records. He has a large collection of modern art and sold a Jackson Pollock painting called No. 5, 1948 in 2006 for a then record price of $140 million. Geffen is openly gay.
Geffen details : Born - 21st of February, 1943 Brooklyn, New York, USA / Lives United States of America

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David Geffen Bio

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David Geffen is a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist who started the record companies Asylum Records and Geffen Records and is one of the founders of Dreamworks SKG, a large Hollywood entertainment company.

David Geffen was born on February 21, 1943 in Brooklyn, New York to a Polish father, Abraham Geffen, and Ukrainian mother, Batya Volovskaya. Geffen spent his childhood in Brooklyn and attended the New Utrecht High School before attending Santa Monica College. He eventually dropped out of Santa Monica but continued his education by attending night school at Brooklyn College. Again, Geffen dropped out. Geffen tried college one more time at the University of Texas at Austin, but never finished.

Instead of trying to finish his degree, Geffen moved to California and began working at William Morris Agency where he quickly rose through the ranks to become an agent. Unfortunately, in order to become an agent, Geffen had to show proof that he graduated college. So he forged a letter and was given a position at the company. Later, Geffen left WMA and created his own management company and managed the careers of Laura Nyro and Crosby, Stills and Nash. While representing multiple musical talents, a friend, Ahmet Ertegun, suggested that Geffen start his own record label.

In 1970 David Geffen founded Asylum Records. The company represented and signed multiple artists like Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Linda Ronstadt, and The Eagles. Two years after its creation, Asylum Records was bought by Warner Communications and merged with Elektra Records to become Elektra/Asylum Records.

Geffen continued to run the record company until 1975 when he took the position of Vice Chairman of Warner Brothers film studios. Geffen then decided to retire and was soon diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. He decided to dedicate his retirement to teaching business studies at Yale University.

In 1980, only a few years after the diagnosis, a new team of physicians found an error in the original findings and determined that Geffen was healthy. With a clean bill of health, Geffen decided to return to work in the entertainment industry. That same year, Geffen founded Geffen Records and recruited Ed Rosenblatt, an executive at Warner Brothers Records, to come work for him. With his new label, Geffen signed Donna Summer and John Lennon. Later that year Lennon was fatally shot and his Geffen album, Double Fantasy, became a huge hit. Geffen continued to sign new as well as proven talent such as John Wetton, Elton John, Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, and Weezer. In 1990 the Geffen label was sold to MCA and became part of the Universal Music Group.

Four years after selling his record label, Geffen co-founded Dreamworks SKG with Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg. Geffen stayed with the company from 1994 to 2008 when he left it to start another company that will eventually be run by Spielberg and Stacey Snider.

In addition to his entertainment ventures, David Geffen is also a well-known philanthropist to organizations that promote medical research, AIDS research, and the arts. He has also supported fund-raisers for the Clinton administration as well as raising $1.3 million for the Obama campaign.

Geffen is openly gay. According to Forbes magazine he had an estimated net worth of $5.6 billion in 2012. He has a home in Malibu and owns the Malibu Beach Inn which he opened to firefighters and evacuees during the 2007 California wildfires.

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I just needed a job. Before being hired as an usher at the CBS Theater, I didn't even know there was a show business.
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In Hollywood people lie to each other and cheat each other and then go and play tennis. But I don't want to be a tennis player.
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David Geffen Biography - Life

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