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Deepak Chopra Biography - Profile Deepak Chopra Online - Life

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Deepak Chopra photo
Deepak Chopra Biography : Self Help Author
Famous for : being a best selling author of spiritual self help books like "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success", for being a motivational speaker, and for having sometimes controversial opinions on health and aging.
Chopra details : Born - October 22, 1946 New Delhi, India / Lives United States of America

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Deepak Chopra Bio

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Deepak Chopra pages from the Woopidoo website. Includes Deepak Chopra news, biography, self improvement quotes, and people related to the famous Indian born American spiritual author and motivational speaker.

  • Deepak Chopra Biography - Information on the life of Deepak Chopra, the Indian born American spiritual author and coach.
  • Deepak Chopra Quotes - Deepak Chopra inspirational quotes about being optimistic, spirituality, and being positive.

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Deepak Chopra Quotes Deepak Chopra Quotes

The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life by 30 to 50 years. Most people believe that aging is universal but there are biological organisms that never age.
Deepak Chopra - Thinking
- Optimistic - Life - Belief

Inertia is comforting, and Americans will be extremely reluctant to make any change that might affect their high standard of living.
Deepak Chopra - America
- Change - Priorities

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Deepak Chopra Biography - Life

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