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The Biographies of Business Masters and Motivational Experts : Each week we will add a new biography of a leader in business, finance or self-help. Each profile includes biographical information, famous business quotations, links to more information on the person, and recommended products relating to the expert.

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art collector Peggy Guggenheim : Influential American art collector and investor in modern art.
Go to : Peggy Guggenheim Biography - Peggy Guggenheim Quotations
Donald Trump Biography Donald Trump : Real Estate mogul and star of The Apprentice.
Go to : Donald Trump Biography - Donald Trump Quotations - All Donald Trump

business leaders and motivationa people Business Leaders, Politicians & Motivational Experts - A to Z

Roman Abramovich : Personal finance author and best selling author.
Go to : Roman Abramovich Biography - Roman Abramovich Quotations - All Roman Abramovich
Giorgio Armani : Famous Italian billionaire businessman and fashion designer.
Go to : Giogrio Armani Biography - Giorgio Armani Quotations
Bernard Arnault : LVMH chairman, French businessman, and richest person in France.
Go to : Bernard Arnault Biography - Bernard Arnault Quotations
Julian Assange : Controversial founder of the WikiLeaks website.
Go to : Julian Assange Biography - Julian Assange Quotations - All Julian Assange
David Bach : Personal finance author and best selling author.
Go to : David Bach Biography - David Bach Quotations
Steve Ballmer : American billionaire Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft.
Go to : Steve Ballmer Biography - Steve Ballmer Quotations
Ben Bernanke : Jewish American economist and Feral Reserve Chairman.
Go to : Ben Bernanke Biography - Ben Bernanke Quotations
Jeff Bezos : Internet entrepreneur and founder.
Go to : Jeff Bezos Biography - Jeff Bezos Quotations
Joe Biden : American democratic politician and Barack Obama running mate in 2008.
Go to : Joe Biden Biography - Joe Biden Quotations
Tim Blixseth : Successful American billionaire businessman and entrepreneur.
Go to : Tim Blixseth Biography - Tim Blixseth Quotations
Richard Branson : British entrepreneur and Founder of Virgin Music.
Go to : Richard Branson Biography - Richard Branson Quotations - All Richard Branson
Sergey Brin : Internet entrepreneur and co-founder of the Google search engine.
Go to : Sergey Brin Biography - Sergey Brin Quotations
Eli Broad : Jewish American billionaire philanthropist and art collector.
Go to : Eli Broad Biography - Eli Broad Quotations - All Eli Broad
Warren Buffett : Successful American Investor and Stockmarket Guru.
Go to : Warren Buffett Biography - Warren Buffett Quotations - Buffett Philanthropy
Jack Canfield : Success author and American motivational speaker.
Go to : Jack Canfield Biography - Jack Canfield Quotations - All Jack Canfield
Andrew Carnegie : Wealthy American industrialist and philanthropist.
Go to : Andrew Carnegie Biography - Andrew Carnegie Quotations
Carlos Castaneda : Peruvian born American spiritual author of "The Teachings of Don Juan"
Go to : Carlos Castaneda Biography - Carlos Castaneda Quotations
Deepak Chopra : Indian born American spiritual writer and motivational speaker.
Go to : Deepak Chopra Biography - Deepak Chopra Quotations - All Deepak Chopra
Bill Clinton : 42nd President of the United States of America.
Go to : Bill Clinton Biography - Bill Clinton Quotations - All Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton : Wife of the former President of America and New York Senator
Go to : Hillary Clinton Biography - Hillary Clinton Quotations
Stephen R. Covey : Author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Go to : Stephen Covey Biography - Stephen Covey Quotations
Simon Cowell : Wealthy British television personality and judge on the American Idol tv show.
Go to : Simon Cowell Biography - Simon Cowell Quotations
Mark Cuban : Internet billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team.
Go to : Mark Cuban Biography - Mark Cuban Quotations
Charles Darwin : English naturalist and writer on the theory of evolution.
Go to : Charles Darwin Biography - Charles Darwin Quotations - All Charles Darwin
Richard Dawkins : UK author, god skeptic and atheist.
Go to : Richard Dawkins Biography - Richard Dawkins Quotations - All Richard Dawkins
Michael Dell : American billionaire and founder of the Dell computer company.
Go to : Michael Dell Biography - Michael Dell Quotations
Walt Disney : Media mogul and founder of the Walt Disney Company.
Go to : Walt Disney Biography - Walt Disney Quotations
Peter Drucker : Business author and business strategist.
Go to : Peter Drucker Biography - Peter Drucker Quotations - Peter Drucker Quotes 2 - All Peter Drucker
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer : Self Help expert, author and public speaker.
Go to : Wayne Dyer Biography - Wayne Dyer Quotations
Thomas Edison : Prolific American Inventor that invented the light bulb
Go to : Thomas Edison Biography - Thomas Edison Quotations - All Thomas Edison
Larry Ellison : Jewish American billionaire founder of the technology company Oracle.
Go to : Larry Ellison Biography - Larry Ellison Quotations - All Larry Ellison
David Filo : American internet billionaire and founder of the Yahoo! search engine and web portal.
Go to : David Filo Biography - David Filo Quotations
Henry Ford : Founder of the Ford Motor Company
Go to : Henry Ford Biography - Henry Ford Quotations
Bill Gates : Microsoft Founder and one of the worlds richest men.
Go to : Bill Gates Biography - Bill Gates Quotations - All Bill Gates
Melinda Gates : Cofounder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and wife of Bill Gates.
Go to : Melinda Gates Biography - Melinda Gates Quotations
David Geffen : American billionaire record executive and art collector.
Go to : David Geffen Biography - David Geffen Quotations
Al Gore : American politician and environmental activist.
Go to : Al Gore Biography - Al Gore Quotations
Alan Greenspan : Federal reserve chairman of the United States.
Go to : Alan Greenspan Biography - Alan Greenspan Quotations
Peggy Guggenheim : Influential American art collector and investor in modern art.
Go to : Peggy Guggenheim Biography - Peggy Guggenheim Quotations
Gerry Harvey : Australian billionaire entrepreneur and retailer of "Harvey Norman".
Go to : Gerry Harvey Biography - Gerry Harvey Quotations
Stephen Hawking : British physicist and mathematician with a physical disability.
Go to : Stephen Hawking Biography - Stephen Hawking Quotations
Louise Hay : American self improvement author and founder of publishing company Hay House.
Go to : Louise Hay Biography - Louise Hay Quotations
Hugh Hefner : American entrepreneur and founder of the Playboy magazine.
Go to : Hugh Hefner Biography - Hugh Hefner Quotations - All Hugh Hefner
Carlos Slim Helu : The richest man in Mexico and wealthy businessman
Go to : Carlos Slim Helu Biography - Carlos Slim Helu Quotations
Napoleon Hill : American self improvement author of the classic Think and Grow Rich book.
Go to : Napoleon Hill Biography - Napoleon Hill Quotations - All Napoleon Hill
Conrad Hilton : American businessman, hotelier, philanthropist, and founder of Hilton Hotels.
Go to : Conrad Hilton Biography - Conrad Hilton Quotations - All Conrad Hilton
Lee Iacocca : American philanthropist, writer, business leader, and former CEO of Chrysler.
Go to : Lee Iacocca Biography - Lee Iacocca Quotations - All Lee Iacocca
Carl Icahn : Activist investor and billionaire businessman.
Go to : Carl Icahn Biography - Carl Icahn Quotations
John Ilhan : Famous Australian entrepreneur and retailer of the Crazy John's company.
Go to : John Ilhan Biography - John Ilhan Quotations
Jeffrey Immelt : American businessman and CEO of the GE company.
Go to : Jeffrey Immelt Biography - Jeffrey Immelt Quotations
Magic Johnson : African American businessman, entrepreneur, and retured NBA basketball player.
Go to : Magic Johnson Biography - Magic Johnson Quotations
Steve Jobs : CEO of Apple Computers and Pixar media company.
Go to : Steve Jobs Biography - Steve Jobs Quotations - All Steve Jobs
Angelina Jolie : Famous American actress, model, and humanitarian.
Go to : Angelina Jolie Biography - Angelina Jolie Quotations - All Angelina Jolie
Carl Jung : Famous Swiss psychologist and author.
Go to : Carl Jung Biography - Carl Jung Quotations - All Carl Gustav Jung
Ingvar Kamprad : Swedish billionaire businessman of the Ikea furniture retail chain.
Go to : Ingvar Kamprad Biography - Ingvar Kamprad Quotations
Li Ka Shing : Hong Kong billionaire investor and businessman
Go to : Li Ka Shing Biography - Li Ka Shing Quotes
Helen Keller : Inspirational American deafblind author and activist.
Go to : Helen Keller Biography - Helen Keller Quotations
Martin Luther King : Famous African American human rights activist.
Go to : Martin Luther King Biography - Martin Luther King Quotations - All Martin Luther King
Robert Kiyosaki : Investor, author and financial educator.
Go to : Robert Kiyosaki Biography - Robert Kiyosaki Quotes
Calvin Klein : American jewish fashion designer and businessman.
Go to : Calvin Klein Biography - Calvin Klein Quotations
Ray Kroc : McDonald's founder and entrepreneur.
Go to : Ray Kroc Biography - Ray Kroc Quotations - All Ray Kroc
Ralph Lauren : Famous Jewish American billionaire businessman and fashion designer.
Go to : Ralph Lauren Biography - Ralph Lauren Quotations - All Ralph Lauren
Abraham Lincoln : 16th president of the United States of America.
Go to : Abe Lincoln Biography - Abraham Lincoln Quotations
Vince Lombardi : Famous American football coach with an impressive winning record.
Go to : Vince Lombardi Biography - Vince Lombardi Quotations - All Vince Lombardi
Peter Lynch : Fidelity Magellan Fund Manager and stock market investing author.
Go to : Peter Lynch Biography - Peter Lynch Quotations - All Peter Lynch
Bernard Madoff : Jewish American investor fraud of a $50 billion ponzi scheme.
Go to : Bernard Madoff Biography - Bernie Madoff Quotations - All Bernard Madoff
Bill Maher : American talk show host, comedian, and critic of religion.
Go to : Bill Maher Biography - Bill Maher Quotations - All Bill Maher
Nelson Mandela : South African politician and human rights activist.
Go to : Nelson Mandela Biography - Nelson Mandela Quotations - All Nelson Mandela
Og Mandino : American motivational speaker and self help author.
Go to : Og Mandino Biography - Og Mandino Quotations - All Og Mandino
Karl Marx : Influential writer, sociologist, and philosopher.
Go to : Karl Marx Biography - Karl Marx Quotations - All Karl Marx
Abraham Maslow : Notable American psychologist and author on psychology.
Go to : Abraham Maslow Biography - Abraham Maslow Quotations
John McCain : American politician of the Republican party.
Go to : John McCain Biography - John McCain Quotations - All John McCain
Michael Milken : American financier, investor, philanthropist, and convicted criminal.
Go to : Michael Milken Biography - Michael Milken Quotations
Dan Millman : Athlete, spiritual author and motivational speaker.
Go to : Dan Millman Biography - Dan Millman Quotations
Lakshmi Mittal : Wealthy Indian born British billionaire and steel mogul.
Go to : Lakshmi Mittal Biography - Lakshmi Mittal Quotations
Rupert Murdoch : Media mogul and founder of the News Corporation company.
Go to : Rupert Murdoch Biography - Rupert Murdoch Quotations - Rupert Murdoch Companies - All Rupert Murdoch
Barack Obama : African American politician of the Democrats.
Go to : Barack Obama Biography - Barack Obama Quotations - All Barack Obama
Michelle Obama : Wife of the Democrat politician Barack Obama.
Go to : Michelle Obama Biography - Michelle Obama Quotations
Suze Orman : Certified Financial Planner and host of "The Suze Orman Show"
Go to : Suze Orman Biography - Suze Orman Quotations - All Suze Orman
Amancio Ortega Gaona : Richest man in Spain and fashion billionaire businessman.
Go to : Amancio Ortega Biography - Amancio Ortega Quotations
Kerry Packer : Australia's richest man and media mogul.
Go to : Kerry Packer Biography - Kerry Packer Quotations
Larry Page : Google search engine Cofounder.
Go to : Larry Page Biography - Larry Page Quotations
Sarah Palin : American female politician and Governor of Alaska.
Go to : Sarah Palin Biography - Sarah Palin Quotations - All Sarah Palin
Norman Vincent Peale : American spiritual teacher and author of positive thinking books.
Go to : Norman Vincent Peale Biography - Norman Vincent Peale Quotations
T Boone Pickens : American investor and oil billionaire of the Pickens Plan energy solution.
Go to : T. Boone Pickens Biography - T. Boone Pickens Quotations - All T. Boone Pickens
Anthony Robbins : Motivational speaker and self help coach Tony Robbins.
Go to : Tony Robbins Biography - Tony Robbins Quotations
John D. Rockefeller : Once the richest man in the world through his aggressive exploitation of the oil industry.
Go to : John D. Rockefeller Biography - John D. Rockefeller Quotations
Anita Roddick : British entrepreneur activist and founder of The Body Shop.
Go to : Anita Roddick Biography - Anita Roddick Quotations
Jim Rohn : Self help author, Motivational Speaker and business coach Jim Rohn.
Go to : Jim Rohn Biography - Jim Rohn Articles - Jim Rohn Quotations
Joanne Rowling : Famous British billionaire author of the Harry Potter series of books.
Go to : J.K. Rowling Biography - JK Rowling Quotations
Kevin Rudd : Australian prime minister and political leader of Australia.
Go to : Kevin Rudd Biography - Kevin Rudd Quotations - All Kevin Rudd
Colonel Sanders : American entrepreneur and founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).
Go to : Colonel Sanders Biography - Colonel Sanders Quotations - All Harland Sanders
Albert Schweitzer : Inspirational German humanitarian, physician, and philosopher.
Go to : Albert Schweitzer Biography - Albert Schweitzer Quotations - All Albert Schweitzer
George Soros : Billionaire fund manager and Philanthropist
Go to : George Soros Biography - George Soros Quotations
Martha Stewart : Martha Stewart Living program and entrepreneur.
Go to : Martha Stewart Biography - Martha Stewart Quotations - All Martha Stewart
David Suzuki : Canadian environmentalist, activist and published author.
Go to : David Suzuki Biography - David Suzuki Quotations
Mr T : Famous African American actor and entertainer.
Go to : Mr. T Biography - Mr T Quotations
Ratan Tata : Indian billionaire and chairman of the Tata Group conglomerate.
Go to : Ratan Tata Biography - Ratan Tata Quotations - All Ratan Tata
Mother Teresa : Famous Christian humanitarian and Catholic nun.
Go to : Mother Teresa Biography - Mother Teresa Quotations - All Mother Teresa
Henry David Thoreau : Famous American author, philosopher and early environmentalist.
Go to : Henry David Thoreau Biography - Henry Thoreau Quotations
Eckhart Tolle : Best selling spiritual author of The Power of Now.
Go to : Eckhart Tolle Biography - Eckhart Tolle Quotations - All Eckhart Tolle
Brian Tracy : Self help author and business coach Brian Tracy.
Go to : Brian Tracy Biography - Brian Tracy Articles - Brian Tracy Quotations
Donald Trump : Real Estate mogul and star of The Apprentice.
Go to : Donald Trump Biography - Donald Trump Quotations
Ivanka Trump : Daughter of Donald Trump
Go to : Ivanka Trump Biography - Ivanka Trump Quotations
Mark Twain : Famous American writer, novelist, and humorist.
Go to : Mark Twain Biography - Mark Twain Quotations
Sun Tzu : Chinese philosopher, military strategist and author of The Art of War.
Go to : Sun Tzu Biography - Sun Tzu Quotations - All Sun Tzu
Sam Walton : Wal-Mart founder and American entrepreneur.
Go to : Sam Walton Biography - Sam Walton Quotations - All Sam Walton
Jack Welch : General Electric CEO of 20 years and respected business leader.
Go to : Jack Welch Biography - Jack Welch Quotations
Meg Whitman : Former CEO of online auction website eBay.
Go to : Meg Whitman Biography - Meg Whitman Quotations
Noel Whittaker : Investment planner, money columnist and personal finance writer.
Go to : Noel Whittaker Biography - Noel Whittaker Quotations - Noel Whittaker Interview
Oscar Wilde : Inspirational Irish poet, playwright, and novelist.
Go to : Oscar Wilde Biography - Oscar Wilde Quotations
Oprah Winfrey : Talk show host and wealthy business woman.
Go to : Oprah Winfrey Biography - The Oprah Winfrey Show - Oprah Winfrey Quotations - Quotes 2
Steve Wynn : Billionaire Las Vegas casino and resort developer.
Go to : Steve Wynn Biography - Steve Wynn Quotations
Sam Zell : Billionaire real estate and media mogul.
Go to : Sam Zell Biography - Sam Zell Quotations - All Sam Zell
Zig Ziglar : Motivational speaker and best selling self improvement author.
Go to : Zig Ziglar Biography - Zig Ziglar Quotations

Brief summary of each business leader with a listing of popular business quotes and comments by each individual.

Mary Kay Ash : Mary Cosmetics founder and sales woman.
Go to : Mary Kay Biography - Mary Kay Ash Quotations
Michael Bloomberg : New York Mayor and Bloomberg business media company founder.
Go to : Micheal Bloomberg Biography - Michael Bloomberg Quotations
Dr Phil McGraw : American talkshow host and motivational author.
Go to : Dr Phil Biography - Dr Phil Quotations

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