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James Packer Biography - Profile James Packer Biography - Profile

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James Packer - Publishing and Broadcast Limited
James Packer Biography (James Douglas Packer) : Chairman of Publishing and Broadcasting Limited PBL
Famous for : Being the son of the richest man in Australia (Kerry Packer) and taking the reigns of PBL after the death of his father in 2005.
Packer details : Born - September 8, 1967 Australia / Lives Australia

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James Packer is the richest man in Australia after taking over his father's media empire, Publishing and Broadcasting Limited. Since taking the reigns of PBL, James has taken his father's company in a new direction, with a focus on casinos and new media, rather than old media like the sluggish television channel 9 in Australia. The Australian media mogul is engaged to the model and singer Erica Baxter.

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James Packer Quotes James Packer Quotes

In a perfect world we don't want to be overly dependent on any single asset or be so dependent on the cycle or where one asset is the bulk of this company.
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We need to make sure we have the best people we can in our operations, and that is a constant challenge. There is always room to improve.
James Packer - Employee - Challenges

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James Packer Biography

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