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Karl Marx Biography - Profile Karl Marx Information - Life

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Karl Marx Biography (Karl Heinrich Marx) : Philosopher and Sociologist
Famous for : His writings on society, philosophy, Sociology, and communism. Marx is often referred to as the "father of communism". Marxism or Marxist ideas are derived and influenced by the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
Marx details : Born - 5th of May, 1818 Trier, Prussia / Died 14th of March, 1883 London, England, United Kingdom

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Karl Marx Information

business leaders and entrepreneurs Biography - Information

Karl Marx pages from the Woopidoo website. Includes Karl Marx news, biography, motivational quotes, and people related to the famous sociologist and philosopher that influenced communism and Marxism.

  • Karl Marx Biography - Information on the life of Karl Marx, the famous Prussian socilogist, activist and philosopher.
  • Karl Marx Quotes - Karl Marx motivational quotes about life, philosophy, and the Communist Manifesto.
  • Marxism Definition - Information on the Marxist ideas of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

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Karl Marx Quotes Famous Karl Marx Quotes

Between capitalist and communist society there lies the period of the revolutionary transformation of the one into the other. Corresponding to this is also a political transition period in which the state can be nothing but the revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat.
Karl Marx - Social - Capitalism - Communism - Change - Revolution - Politics - Proletariat - Class - Dictator

We develop new principles for the world out of the world’s own principles. We do not say to the world: Cease your struggles, they are foolish; we will give you the true slogan of struggle. We merely show the world what it is really fighting for, and consciousness is something that it has to acquire, even if it does not want to.
Karl Marx - World - Struggle - Fool - Conscious

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Karl Marx Biography - Information

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