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Kerry Packer Biography - Profile Kerry Packer Biography - Profile

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Kerry Packer - Publishing and Broadcast Limited
::: Kerry Packer - Publishing and Broadcasting Limited :::
Kerry Packer Biography (Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer) : Chairman of Publishing and Broadcasting Limited PBL
Famous for : Australia's richest man and Media Magnate (Channel 9, many popular magazines & newspapers, Internet interests)
Packer details : Born - December 17, 1937 Australia / Died - December 26, 2005

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Kerry Packer was Australia's richest man through his media company PBL Publishing and Broadcasting Limited. PBL owns the Channel 9 TV station in Australia, the majority of the magazines and newspapers published in Australia, gambling interests including the Burswood and Crown Casino, and various other Internet, media and financial interests.

The Packer family have been involved in publishing and media for several generations in Australia. It started with Kerry Packer's grandfather Robert Packer who managed and owned a part of a newspaper in the 1920s. Kerry's father then went on to produce one of Australia's most successful magazines the "Australian Women's Weekly". The success of the weekly magazine funded further acquisitions and established the foundation of what has grown into the Publishing and Broadcasting media empire that exists today.

After his father's death in 1974 Kerry Packer took control of the business. Packer continually expanded and grew the company over the years. The companies were merged and became part of the Publishing and Broadcasting Limited company in 1994. The core industries that PBL has interests in is Television broadcasting and production, magazine distribution and publication, and gaming.

Television Interests
PBL owns the Nine network television station in Australia. It is the highest ranking free to air television station in the country and produces more Australian television content than any other company. PBL also has large investments in various pay TV and digital TV networks, including Foxtel and Sky News Australia.

Magazine Interests
Australian Consolidated Press (ACP) was founded in 1933 and now publishes many of Australia's leading magazines. ACP produces more than 60 magazines within Australia and more than 30 throughout New Zealand and Asia. Some of the leading titles include Australian Women's Weekly, Cleo, Harper's BAZAAR, Australian House and Garden, Street Machine, Australian Personal Computer, The Picture and many more leading magazines of their category.

Gaming and Entertainment Interests

Crown Casino is a complex of bars, restaurants, gaming, cinemas, night clubs and function venues. PBL also owns the Burswood Casino and has financial interests in online gaming.

Other Interests of PBL

Publishing and Broadcasting Limited also has interests in finance, technology and online media.

Kerry Packer led his media empire in old age even after several major health problems. In 1990 Packer had a heart attack whilst playing his much loved game of polo. Packer also had to have a kidney transplant, donated by his helicopter pilot and friend of more than 20 years Nicholas Ross.

Packer's son James has been taking more responsibility within the PBL company and looks set to eventually take control from his father. James Packer's first major learning experience was the failed One Tel telecom company that he and Lachlan Murdoch had invested in.

Forbes Rich List - Estimated Net Worth in American Dollars
2004 - $4.2 billion - ranked 111 of the World's richest people
2003 - $2.5 billion - ranked 147 of the World's richest people
2002 - $2.5 billion - ranked 157 of the World's richest people
2001 - $2.5 billion - ranked 182 of the World's richest people

Update December 27, 2005
Australia's richest man and most influential businessman and media magnate passed away peacefully in his Bellevue Hill home lastnight at the age of 68, surrounded by his family (including his wife Roslyn, daughter Gretel, and son James Packer).

Prime minister John Howard said Packer "was a great Australian, he was a larger than life character and in so many ways he left his mark on the Australian community over a very long career in business.
It's fair to say that he was one of the dominant figures, if not the dominant Australian figure, of the media scene in this country for more than a generation".
Expatriate Australian media magnate Rupert Murdoch stated that Kerry was "a man who you could truly say was larger than life, a fierce competitor who had friends in areas of great influence and was often surrounded in controversy but at the same time, capable of great generosity."

His son James Packer has been taking more of a leadership role in the PBL company for the past several years, and will now fill his father's position.

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Kerry Packer Biography

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