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Kevin Rudd Biography (Kevin Michael Rudd): 26th Australian Prime Minister and leader of the Australian Labor Party (ALP)
Famous for : being the leader of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and 26th PM of Australia after defeating Prime Minister John Howard.
Rudd details : Born - September 21, 1957 Nambour, Queensland, Australia / Lives - QLD Australia

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Kevin Rudd was elected as the 26th Prime Minister of Australia in 2007. He was sworn into office on December 3, 2007.

Kevin Rudd was born on September 21, 1957 in Nambour, Queensland and spent much of his childhood on a dairy farm before attending Marist College Ashgrove in Brisbane. Following his primary education, Rudd attended Nambour State High School. During his high school years, when Rudd was only 15, he joined the Australian Labor Party. He continued to be a member well past his high school graduation in 1974.

Following his graduation, Rudd attended the Australian National University in Canberra where he majored in Chinese history and Chinese language. His studies left him proficient in Mandarin and his work awarded him First Class Honours upon graduation. After leaving the university, Rudd continued his studies in Chinese language and history at the National Taiwan Normal University in Taiwan.

Although he met his future wife, Therese Rein, at the University in Canberra, Rudd and Rein did not marry until 1981. That same year, Rudd joined the Department of Foreign Affairs which sent he and his wife overseas to serve in Sweden and later China. Rudd continued to work with the Department until 1988 when he returned to Australia to become Chief of Staff to the Labor Opposition Leader in Queensland.

The Leader at the time was Wayne Goss who later became Premier when the Labor party won the office the following year. Kevin Rudd naturally moved up in office with the win and became Chief of Staff to the Premier. He continued in this position until 1992 when he became Director-General of the Office of the Cabinet. Rudd's position was of great influence to Australia's education system and he used his power to push for better foreign language programs in schools. He pushed for Asian language and culture programs which were widely accepted by both government and non government agencies.

When Goss left office in 1995, Rudd became Senior China Consultant to the company KPMG Australia where he worked while running for office. He lost in the 1996 election but won two years later in 1998. In 2001 he was appointed Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs. Although he continued to oppose the United States war in Iraq, he continued to support the Australian-American alliance. His work made him a favorite to run for party leader, but Kevin Rudd rejected the idea, choosing to support another member instead.

Kevin Rudd was once again a favorite for Leader when the October 2004 elections came. He once again decided to maintain his position. He reconsidered for a short time when Mark Latham resigned from office but decided to support a different candidate instead, one he had supported years earlier, Kim Beazley. Under the Beazley leadership, Rudd was once again given extensive responsibilities including Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, International Security, and the Shadow Minister for Trade.

Public opinion for Rudd continued to rise and, in December of 2006, he decided to run for party Leader. He won the election on December 4, 2006. Almost one year later, on November 24, 2007, Rudd became Prime Minister-elect after the Coalition leader, John Howard, conceded the party's right to govern. Rudd was sworn in on December 3, 2007. His first act as Prime Minister was to sign the Kyoto Protocol.

A few months later Kevin Rudd fulfilled yet another promise by apologizing to the Indigenous Australians for the stolen generation. Although he received some criticism for failing to provide monetary compensation, Rudd promised to help lift the living standards of the Indigenous population and provide better education and health for the people.

Rudd continued to make history with overwhelming public support, international relations, and helping to reform Australia's recognition of same-sex relationships and legal and federal benefits to couples.

The Prime Minister was removed from his position by his political party in 2010 and replaced by Julia Gillard. Rudd went on to become Minister for Foreign Affairs for the Gillard government up until he resigned from the position in 2012. His reasons for resigning included a lack of support from prime minister Gillard and numerous character attacks by "faceless men" in the Labor Party.

Kevin Rudd and his wife Theresa have three children and live in Canberra.

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Mr Howard's problem is for so long he's been a climate change sceptic, how can he, therefore, put himself to the country as part of a climate change solution for the future.
Kevin Rudd -
Australia - Politicians - Criticism - Problems - Climate Change - Solutions

We want a national emissions trading scheme, the Government does not and has rejected one for years. We want to boost the mandatory renewable energies target, the Government has failed to do that. We want a national demand side management strategy for the country to reduce electricity consumption and the Government, up until now, has done very little on that score.
Kevin Rudd -
Australia - Criticism - Environment - Government - Energy - Global Warming

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Kevin Rudd Biography - Life

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