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Mother Teresa Biography (Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu): Catholic Nun
Famous for : being a spiritual leader and tireless supporter of the poor and sick. Mother Teresa spent much of her life working to give a voice to the poor. She won the Nobel Peace Prize for her services.
Teresa details : Born - August 26, 1910 Skopje, Macedonia / Died September 5, 1997 India

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Mother Teresa Bio

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Mother Teresa is best known for her humanitarian work around the world, most notably in struggling nations to whom she brought hope and much needed publicity. She helped develop the Missionaries of Charity, an organization that spread to over 100 countries and helped both the sick and the poor. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 and the Medal of Freedom from the United States in 1985.

Mother Teresa was born on August 26, 1910 under the name Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in Skopje in the Republic of Macedonia. After her father's death in 1922, Teresa's mother began raising her under the order of the Roman Catholic church. Fascinated by the stories of missionaries and their work, young Teresa decided that she would some day follow in the footsteps of these noble people. At the age of 18, Teresa left her family forever to join the Sisters of Loreto.

Teresa's initial assignment led her to the Loreto Abbey in Ireland so she could learn English in order to later teach at schools in India. She arrived in India in 1929 where she took her novitiate in Darjeeling and became a nun on May 24, 1931. When she took her vows, Teresa formerly changed her name from Agnes to Teresa after Therese de Lisieux, the patron saint of missionaries. Six years later, on May 14, 1937, Teresa took her solemn vows while teaching in Calcutta.

Teresa loved to teach, but the poverty of the area greatly disturbed her. The famine of 1943 brought even more death and misery to an already suffering area and violence between Muslims and Hindus in 1946 took it even further into despair. Only a few months later, on September 10, 1946, Teresa received her call from God.

While travelling to the Loreto convent in Darjeeling, Teresa decided she needed to "help the poor while living among them". So, in 1948, Teresa not only changed her actions, but she changed her appearance as well. She replaced the traditional habit with a simple cloth that covered her head. Her first mission led her to create a school in Motijhil and to tend to the poor and suffering people in the community. Teresa was determined to make a difference in the slums of India and help those in need. People began taking notice and even the Prime Ministher expressed his appreciation for her work.

Mother Teresa's work did not come without difficulty. During her first year she had to beg for food and supplies in order to continue her mission. She also suffered disappointment and frustration but never gave up.

Her work began to pay off and on October 7, 1950, the Vatican gave Teresa permission to start a diocesan congregation to care for the poor, impoverished, and needy individuals throughout society. It started in Calcutta with a congregation of 13 members. This diocesan would later become the Missionaries of Charity with more than 4000 nuns in charge of AIDS hospices, charity centers, refugee centers, orphanages, and places to care for the poor, homeless, disabled, blind, and victims of famine, floods, epidemic and anyone in need.

Mother Teresa opened the first Home for the Dying in Calcutta in 1952 as a place where the poor could find free hospice care. The idea was to provide a dignified death to those who could not afford home medial care. Mother Teresa offered these individuals an opportunity to die according to the rituals of their respective religions and received the readings of the Quran, Ganges or Bible depending on their faith. Mother Teresa also opened a place for individuals suffering from Hansen's disease (leprosy) called the City of Peace.

As the Missionaries of Charity grew, Mother Teresa opened the Nirmala Shishu Bhavan in 1955 as a home for lost children and homeless youth. The center is more commonly known as the Children's Home of the Immaculate Heart.

As a result of her work, Mother Teresa began attracting donations and recruits from around the world. With the added resources, Mother Teresa was able to add more hospices, orphanages and leper homes all over India and eventually in other countries including Rome, Tanzania, Austria, Venezuela, and eventually countries in Africa and North America.

Over the next few decades Mother Teresa became actively involved in victim's rights. She created a momentary cease fire to save young patients in a hospital in Beirut, she petitioned for projects to help the needy after the collapse of Eastern Europe, and she traveled to Ethiopia and Chernobyl to help the victims of famine and disaster.

Her health began failing in 1983 when she suffered a heart attack while visiting the Pope in Rome. Mother Teresa continued to suffer from heart problems and was eventually given a pacemaker in 1989. Her health continued to decline and she eventually died on September 5, 1997, only a few months after resigning from her post as head of the Missionaries of Charity.

Mother Teresa was given numerous awards for her work during the course of her life, most notably, the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

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Mother Teresa Quotes Mother Teresa Quotes

Everybody today seems to be in such a terrible rush, anxious for greater developments and greater riches and so on, so that children have very little time for their parents. Parents have very little time for each other, and in the home begins the disruption of peace of the world.
Mother Teresa -
Challenges - Family - Peace - Rich

Please choose the way of peace.. In the short term there may be winners and losers in this war that we all dread. But that never can, nor never will justify the suffering, pain and loss of life your weapons will cause.
Mother Teresa -
War - Peace - Losing - Winning - Death

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Mother Teresa Biography - Life

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