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Ralph Lauren Biography (Ralph Rueben Lifshitz) : Polo Ralph Lauren
Famous for : Being the founder of the Polo Ralph Lauren fashion label, a Jewish American billionaire, and for being one of the richest businessmen in America.
Lauren details : Born - 14th of October, 1939 The Bronx, New York City, USA / Lives - United States of America

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Ralph Lauren Bio

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Ralph Lauren is an American fashion designer and executive of the internationally recognized Ralph Lauren brand of products and clothing.

Ralph Lauren was born on October 14, 1939 as Ralph R. Lifshitz to Fraydl and Frank Lifshitz, Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants. He grew up in the Bronx, a neighborhood in the southern area of New York City, and acquired a taste for expensive clothing at an early age. He worked hard to earn enough money to afford more expensive clothing, preferring quality over cheaper, more affordable attire.

Although he continued to focus on his appearance, Lauren studied hard in school, attending the Salanter Academy Jewish Day School and later MTA and the DeWitt Clinton High School. He graduated in 1957 with a reputation as a clothing salesman, having sold ties to his classmates during his years at DeWitt. When Ralph Lauren's brother Jerry changed his last name to Lauren, Ralph followed suit, discarding the Lifshitz name in favor of Lauren.

Lauren continued his academics at Baruch College at the City University of New York to study business. He dropped out of college after two years and joined the US Army in 1962 and served for two years.

In 1968, four years after his discharge, Ralph Lauren married Ricky Low-Beer. Lauren began working for clothing companies as a salesman, selling a variety of goods from gloves to ties. He eventually worked for Brooks Brothers and A. Rivetz & Co. While working at Rivetz, Lauren began designing his own line of wide ties. He secured a loan from Norman Hilton to found his own company in 1968 under the label Polo Fashions. Lauren later repurchased the rights to the Polo brand from Hilton.

The department store Bloomingdale's originally tried to prevent Ralph Lauren from selling his new line of ties and attempted to persuade him to change the look and label of the accessories. Lauren resisted and continued on his quest for quality and branding. He succeeded, later selling his goods with Bloomingdale's under his own terms.

Lauren expanded his tie business to include all forms of business and casual attire. In the 1980s, Lauren suits were considered the high style in corporate circles. Although his designs were later pushed aside by designers such as Armani, Lauren was still able to influence the public through his wide range of quality casual attire.

Ralph Lauren later introduced Polo and Ralph Lauren lines of linens, perfumes, colognes, paints, and a variety of household goods. Ralph Lauren stores are scattered through the US and his designs are sold in countless stores and malls.

Ralph Lauren has three sons and a daughter. His son David works as an executive at Polo Ralph Lauren.

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Ralph Lauren Quotes Ralph Lauren Quotes

People ask how can a Jewish kid from the Bronx do preppy clothes? Does it have to do with class and money? It has to do with dreams.
Ralph Lauren - Money - Fashion - Dreams - Jewish - America - Class - Clothes

The key to longevity is to keep doing what you do better than anyone else. We work real hard at that. It's about getting your message out to the consumer. It's about getting their trust, but also getting them excited, again and again. My clothes.. the clothes we make for the runway.. aren't concepts. They go into stores. Our stores. Thankfully, we have lots of them.
Ralph Lauren - Products - Consumer - Fashion - Design - Clothes - Hard Work - Trust - Retailing - Exciting

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Ralph Lauren Biography - Life

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