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Ross Garnaut Climate Change Review

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Ross Garnaut Biography - Profile Ross Garnaut - Australian Climate Change Report

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Ross Garnaut photo
Ross Garnaut Biography : Professor of Economics
Famous for : Being the Australian Ambassador to China from 1985 to 1988, a Professor of Economics in the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies at the Australian National University, and for the Garnaut Report on Climate Change which was commissioned by the Australian government of Kevin Rudd.
Garnaut details : Born - 28th of July, 1946 Perth, Western Australia, Australia / Lives Australia

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Garnaut Climate Change Review

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Garnaut Climate Change ReviewRoss Garnaut is the author of the influential Garnaut Climate Change Review or Garnaut Report which examines the effects that climate change will have on the Australian economy, along with recommendations for the government to take. The Garnaut Review began on the 30th of April, 2007 with the final report due to be handed to the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in September 2008.

Professor Ross Garnaut released a draft report of the climate change review on the 4th of July, 2008 at the National Press Club in Canberra. The 600 page draft report was handed to the audience in the form of a compact disc rather than a weighty paper book on its way to the nearest landfill. The Garnaut Climate Change Review Draft Report is also available to download online, which was an offer taken up by many as the Garnaut website ( was down or very slow for much of the day the report was released.

At the release of the draft report, Ross Garnaut said "While an effective response to the challenge would play out over the many decades, it must take shape and be in place over the next few years. Without early and strong action, some time before 2020 we will realise we have indelibly surrendered to forces that have moved beyond our control."

Executive director of the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) Don Henry said "Professor Garnaut has delivered a credible, conservative report, but even the most ambitious emission reductions assessed by the Garnaut Review only give us a 50-50 chance of saving the Great Barrier Reef from complete devastation. We cannot afford to take such a big gamble with climate change if want our kids to be able to see the Barrier Reef in real life, not just in a documentary."

Ross Garnaut Quotes Ross Garnaut Quotes on Climate Change

I see myself as a climate change skeptic and a skeptic looks at the evidence and bases conclusions on the evidence rather than on belief. To hold the view that this is not an issue that you need to do something about, to hold the view that it’s all a furphy takes belief.
Ross Garnaut - Facts
- Climate Change - Ignorance - Science - Skeptical - Lies - Belief

It is a simple fact of life on earth that there is going to be no successful mitigation of the climate change problem without a truly global effort. All developing companies or all major developing countries have to be part of that and accept substantial constraints on greenhouse gas emissions.
Ross Garnaut - Facts
- Climate Change - Problems - World - Life - Greenhouse - Emissions - Companies - Mitigation - Effort

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Ross Garnaut Report on Global Warming

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