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Simon Cowell Biography - Profile Simon Cowell Biography - Life

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Simon Cowell Biography (Simon Phillip Cowell) : English TV Producer
Famous for : Being a judge on the popular reality television series in the United States "American Idol", along with being one of the richest people in the UK, and owning his own publishing company Syco.
Cowell details : Born - 7th of October, 1959 Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK / Lives UK and USA

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Simon Cowell Bio

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Simon Cowell is an internationally known television and music producer who rose to fame in popular culture through his work on British shows Pop Idol, and Britain's Got Talent and their American equivalents. His bold personality as a judge on many of these shows has won him both fame and criticism.

Simon Cowell was born in Brighton, England on October 7, 1959 to Eric Philip Cowell and Julie Brett. He spent his childhood in Elstree, Hertfordshire under the watchful eye of his father, a music industry executive and his mother, a former professional ballet dancer. His parents' associations with the entertainment world helped shape Cowell's interests in music and art.

After grade school, Cowell attended Dover College for a short time and St. Albans for a year. He left the college prior to graduating and worked a series of jobs but his inability to maintain friendly terms with coworkers and bosses created a void for work. As a result, Cowell's father found him a job in the mail room of EMI Music Publishing.

Eventually, Simon Cowell was hired on as an assistant to an A&R (artists and repertoire) man to help him scout talent and develop the image of the music label. With some experience behind him, Cowell was promoted to a music publishing position within the company. Instead of maintaining his role with EMI, Cowell left the company in the early 80s to form his own music publishing company by the name of E&S Music. The company did not do well and the venture ended within a year.

Simon Cowell ended up working for Iain Burton, the manager of Arlene Phillips and co-founder of the small record label Fanfare Records Ltd. Cowell and Burton worked together for eight years during which time Cowell helped develop Fanfare into a highly successful, well recognized 'indie pop' recording label.

Although Fanfare continued to do well, Cowell fell into debt. When Public Company, Fanfare's parent company, handed the label to BMG in 1989, Cowell left the business for a short time and moved back in with his parents. Unable to stay away from the business, however, Cowell soon returned to BMG and became an A&R consultant for the company.

Cowell helped build the success of S-Records through his work with BMG and helped launch the careers of well-known stars such as Sonia Evans, Five, and Westlife. In 2002 he started his own label under the name Syco Records which eventually became part of the Sony BMG Music Entertainment group of labels. Syco has signed deals for contestants from America's Got Talent and The X Factor.

During the early 21st century, Simon Cowell also started producing and appearing on television programs, most notably Pop Idol in 2001 and American Idol in 2002. His harsh commentary and criticisms have helped build him a place as a television personality and has won him support as well as resentment.

In 2004 Cowell took a short break from television to focus on his music production and the formation of a unique operatic pop group called Il Divo. The group, consisting of three male opera singers and one male pop singer, has since become an international success.

He has helped develop and produce a number of well-known television programs including America's Got Talent, Grease is the Word, and Celebrity Duets. Simon Cowell's charitable activities, although less well known, are just as diverse. He has spent years contributing to organizations such as The Association Of Children's Hospices and PETA.

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Simon Cowell Quotes Simon Cowell Quotes

I was slightly cynical of the American mentality before I came over here, but now I preach it. Here, no one's going to tear you down if you buy yourself a $300,000 car. They're likely to say: "Well, you probably worked hard for it. Good luck to you."
Simon Cowell - Cynical - America - Hard Work - Luck - Success - Cars

On one level, going bust didn't bother me. It was the 80s, and there wasn't the stigma about bankruptcy that you might think. My mates weren't bothered. My dad was in business.. he knew that it happened, too. He loaned me the money to bail me out, and I got a loan from the bank to pay him back.
Simon Cowell - Bankrupt - Friends - Business - Banks - Loan - Family - Money

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Simon Cowell Biography - Life

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