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Tim Blixseth Biography - Profile Tim Blixseth Biography - Life

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Tim Blixseth Biography (Timothy Blixseth): The Blixseth Group
Famous for : Being one of the richest people in the United States, failing as a Hollywood songwriter, being a billionaire, and for his exclusive Yellowstone Club resorts and golf courses.
Blixseth details : Born - Oregon, USA / Lives - United States of America

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Tim Blixseth Bio

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Tim Blixseth grew up impoverished and made millions in his twenties buying and selling timber and timberland at large profits, eventually loosing everything when lumber tycoons caught on and deliberately took hits on sales to force Blixseth to lose money. He lost everything, only to rebuild his wealth through strategic real estate investments in Montana.

Born to Norwegian immigrants in Oregan of 1950, Timothy Bixseth grew up in an impoverished household. Before he was born, his father fell ill to undulant fever and was unable to support their family, forcing them all to live on welfare. As the youngest of five, Blixseth grew up with four older sisters around him while he sneaked music into his room late at night.

Although he originally intended to be a musician and songwriter, Blixseth quickly found a calling in business and profit. In his early teens Timothy Blixseth worked late shifts at lumber mills and grocery stores to help make money and he took Saturday classes in order to graduate high school. His first business transaction happened at the age of 15 when Blixseth saw an ad for donkeys at $25 each. He bought the donkeys, took them home, and turned around and sold them for $75 each. Realizing his profit margins, Blixseth was excited and started looking for other deals.

Blixseth graduated high school in 1968 only to spend one hour in college. He attended a single class at Umpqua Community College and quickly determined that, instead of learning about academics, he needed to learn how to make money. So Blixseth left to find his career.

After enlisting in the National Guard, with two weeks active duty every year, Blixseth commuted to Hollywood from Roseburg in hopes of making a living as a musician. Since he could only play music by ear, Blixseth lacked the necessary techniques needed in the community so he turned to railroad and timber mill work instead.

His work in lumberyards helped him with his first large business transaction. He saw an ad selling timberland for $90,000 and quickly approached the owner. He arranged to put $1,000 down and pay the remainder within a month. The owner agreed. Tim Blixseth turned around and sold it to the Rosenburg Lumber Company that owned the surrounding timberland. The original owner never sold it due to a personal conflict with the company, but Blixseth was free to turn it over. He made a $50,000 profit.

Blixseth continued to gamble his funds on purchases and sales of timberland, amassing great wealth by the time he was 30. By 1981, Lumber companies caught on to Blixseth and started rigging sales to make him poor. Blixseth was forced to sell timber and properties at a loss. Interest rates grew to 22% and the value of timber dropped by 90%, forcing companies to seize his assets. By the end of the year, Tim Blixseth was close to poverty.

Timothy Blixseth began to rebuild. In 1988 he helped create Crown Pacific with Peter Stott. through which he purchased hundreds of thousands of acres in Idaho and Oregan in 1989 the company bought even more acreage from the Scott Paper Company and by 1990 the company had $400 million in debt. Stott bought out Blixseth and they extinguished the profits. Blixseth was able to retire a wealthy man.

But retirement didn't sit well and Blixseth began working again. He purchased 164,000 acres in Montana with the McDoughal brothers. They ended up selling some of it to the government and the McDoughal brothers took the timberland. Blixseth, seeing the potential in the property, held on to a few thousand acres of development land. Although he originally wanted to turn it into a small retreat, it became so popular with other people, that he developed it into the first private ski and golf community in the world. Yellowstone Club has a championship golf course and miles of ski trails.

Tim Blixseth is developing Yellowstone Club World, an exclusive travel opportunity for his members with access to yachts, jets, and 25 international properties including castles in Europe.

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Tim Blixseth Quotes Tim Blixseth Quotes

The turning point, I think, was when I really realized that you can do it yourself. That you have to believe in you because sometimes that's the only person that does believe in your success but you.
Tim Blixseth - Motivational - Belief - Success - Self Help

It is once your ideas have been transformed into enough money, and if all failed, you would still live your lifestyle, and you understand that just because you have made more money than most, you are not better than the common person. We are all going to die broke. (Blixseth's definition of success)
Tim Blixseth - Success - Ideas - Money - Death - Life - Wealth

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Tim Blixseth Biography - Life

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