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How to Write a Business Plan for Small Businesses
David Bond Writing a Small Business Plan Article
A plan for your small business is useful if you want to focus yourself and get an overall picture of what you have to do in order to build your enterprise. On top of that, a good business plan is an absolute must if you want to convince institutions or individuals to loan money or invest in your business. One way to organize your business plan is to compose it like an informative news article, explaining the who, what, when, why, and how of your business.
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Top Ten Mistakes made in Business Plans
Jan B. King Business Planning Article
If investors are interested, they will ask for any other information they need. Amateurs talk in the business plan about unimportant details because they don’t know what they should say and what they shouldn’t.
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The 50 Critical Questions Essential to Running a Great Business
Jan B. King Planning Article
There are hundreds of questions essential to running a great business. Of all of the questions, I consider these the 50 most critical. Consider making each of these questions the topic for weekly management meetings. Do we have a vision about where we are going as a company?
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Top 10 Questions about Business Plans Answered
Jan B. King Business Plan + Small Business Article
A business plan is a written summary of everything you already know about your business and the industry it is in, and the future you expect to create with that business. A well-done businessplan is realistic, but conveys the energy and optimism you feel about your business's future. It is an opportunity to convince the world that your idea is worth the time, energy and money it will take to make it a reality.
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Articles about Plans for Small Businesses Articles about making Plans for Small Businesses

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