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Five things to Consider before Starting your own Business
David Bond Starting Your Own Business
Getting free from dominating bosses and the possibility to make your own decisions is one of the lures of starting your own business. As attractive as it looks, not everyone is suited for self-employment. Before you go ahead with any plan to start a business it is important to take a close look at yourself and ask yourself some important questions.
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Business Ideas & Opportunity Evalution
Ryan Allis Opportunity + Entrepreneur Article
In analyzing your business ideas you must be able to pass them through a test to determine if they truly are valid opportunities. All of your ideas must have a demonstrated need, ready market, and ability to provide a solid return on investment.Is the idea feasible in the marketplace? Is there demand? Can it be done? Are you able to pull together the persons and resources to pull it off before the window of opportunity closes? These questions must be considered and answered.
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Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself when Starting Out on Your Own
Robert Gerrish - Business Startup Article
The excitement of starting a new business can cause small business entrepreneurs to be too hasty. Often driven by the mistaken belief that some imaginary boat will be missed if the business isn't started NOW, this haste can result in the cutting of corners, particularly in the area of research..
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Going into Business for Yourself, the Ultimate Business Oxymoron
Alan J. Zell Business Start Up Article
If there ever was an oxymoron, "going into business for yourself" is a prime example. No one can be "in business for yourself" because people have to be in business to fulfill the wants and needs of other people, businesses, and organizations. Being in "business for yourself" indicates that the business has only one customer, and no business survives on one customer.
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