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Customer Service Articles & Tips from some of the leaders in business marketing and customer relations. Includes articles about Good Customer Service, how to treat customers properly, and how to serve customers.

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How to Deal with Difficult Customers in Your Online Business
David Bond Dealing with Difficult Customers Online
The world is filled with all kinds of people, and if you are in business you will encounter many different types of customers. Some are easy to please and a pleasure to do business with, but others can be quite difficult to please and quite difficult to deal with. If your business is an online enterprise, then communicating with difficult customers is a special challenge, because you are working from a distance and can easily get into problems if your e-mails are misunderstood.
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Customer Service Tips for Online Businesses
Michael Dylan Customer Service Tips
In 'real world' shopping you can look your customers right in the eye, chat with them and thus understand what they want, or guide them to a certain item. And if they come back again and again, it's partly because they like you or your staff, as much as liking your product (unless you're in a specialized field). But with so much online business, we need to establish good customer relations in cyber-space, including ways to find out what the customer needs and what they really value in your business.
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American Company Reputation Quotient 2005
Company Reputation Quotient Review for 2005
The 7th annual results of the "Reputation Quotient" list of American companies has been released. The joint venture between the New York based market research firm Harris Interactive, Inc. and research and advisory company The Reputation Institute, Inc. measures the reputations of the most prominent companies in the United States.
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Making the Most of Your Existing Customer Base
Robert Gerrish Customers + Marketing Article
For many, one of the greatest moments in business is the joy of attracting a new customer or client. In such circumstances it is easy to get so caught up in the excitement, that we forget to spend time on realising the value of one of our business's best assets - our existing client base.
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Top 10 Customer Service Tips for Entrepreneurs
Robert Gerrish Customers + Entrepreneur Article
There's nothing better than the good old fashioned personal touch- answer your phone within 3 rings; give your name and be 'present' to the caller; avoid sounding rushed or too busy. Every customer wants to feel special; really being listened to fosters this sense.
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Good Customer Service in the 21st Century
Alan J zell - Customer Service Article
You serve customers, usually thought to be the potential and current users of any organization's output. But customers can and do come in many variations, customers are those being asked to accept and adopt an idea, information, service or product. Sometimes they are called clients; sometimes they are called patients.
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