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Economics Articles from some of the leaders in investing, business, and finance. Includes articles about the economy, microeconomics, macroeconomics, market failures, money and trade.
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Welcome to the Great Depression
Al Jacobs on Depression and Recession
Americans awoke to learn that the “Great Recession,” plaguing the economy over the prior several years, had ended. Of even greater consequence, its official end occurred in June 2009, fifteen months earlier. The source of this welcome news: none other than the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), the nation’s most prestigious nonprofit research organization dedicated to studying the science and empirics of the American economy.
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iPod Index 2008
CommSec iPod Index Review of World Currencies
According to the most recent CommSec iPod index, Australia is the cheapest place in the world to buy an iPod (as of October 2008), a reflection on the recent fall of the Australian dollar when measured against the U.S. Dollar. The iPod index is not a direct measurement of currency exchange rates, but is designed to provide price comparisons of the same goods when purchased in different countries by foreign buyers. The price comparisons are based on the iPod 8GB nano in the value of U.S. Dollars.
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Review of the Economist Magazine's Big Mac Index 2008
Big Mac Index 2008 Review
The Economist magazine recently published their lighthearted look at world currencies with the 2008 Big Mac Index. World currencies are measured against the cost of a single Big Mac from McDonald's fast food restaurants in each country. Ideally there would be a wide range of products used to measure the value of a currency, but that wouldn't be nearly as interesting as using just a Big Mac.
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Funny Business and Finance Terms
David Bond Funny Financial Terms
See the list of funny business and finance terms explained so that anyone can understand them. While they are meant to be humorous, there's also a lot of truth in many of them.
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Review of the Economist's Big Mac Index 2007
Big Mac Index 2007 Review
The Economist magazine released their annual "Big Mac Index" for 2007. It's their lighthearted look at a subject that most people find dry and tasteless. I'm talking about purchasing-power parity or PPP, not the Big Macs (which may or may not be tasteless and dry). They look at world currencies and how fairly valued they are compared to the currency of different countries.
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Money, Money, Money!
Michael Dylan Money is Good Article
Money is good! In this day and age that we live in, money is not only good, but absolutely essential. Besides air, it may be the next most important thing in life. Of course health, love, friendship, fitness, faith, and happiness are all very important too, but how do we eat, or pay rent, or go to the doctor without having money?
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