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7 Countermeasures To Take When You And Your Leadership Are Demonized
Brent Filson Leadership Challenges Article

Most organizations abound with acolytes for the status quo. The status quo is simply the existing state of an organization. What's wrong with the status quo? A great deal. In fact, the status quo of any organization is usually wrong.
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Most Powerful Women in the World Review 2007
Review of the Most Powerful Women in the World
The chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel has topped the Forbes list of 100 powerful women for the second year in a row. Not only is she in control of the large European country of Germany, but she is also using her power to tackle challenging issues. Merkel set a challenging target to cut carbon emissions in Europe and argued her case successfully with G-8 leaders. The powerful German woman has an approval rating in her home country of 75%, even after raising taxes.
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The Arenas of Success
Chris Widener Success Tips

In this article we are going to be looking at the “Arenas” that every person, organization, or business can operate out of. They are Values, Responsibility, Possibility, Negotiation, Vision, Dedication, and Accomplishment. The degree of our success is directly related to the degree in which we excel in and balance these arenas. As you go through each segment, think practically, because these are intended to be more than intellectual ideas.
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Leadership, Tribal Spiritual Wisdom, And The Leadership Talk
Brent Filson Spiritual Leadership Guide

You can boost your leadership skills and hence your career by understanding this one thing that most leaders miss: great leadership incorporates a spiritual dimension. This spiritual dimension has been a part of leadership since time in memorial; but in today's global economy, it is undergoing an historic, universal transformation. It's a transformation that speaks directly to your individual leadership and career challenges.
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Secrets of Successful Teams
Chris Widener Successful Teams Guide

To be a success is not always to be a success individually. In fact, most of the time we achieve our successes as part of a team. That is why I want to devote this issue to the secrets of successful team.
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The Times, They are Changing
Tim Connor Business Management Changing
Several years ago I recall having a conversation with a five year old. He kept referring to “the good old days.” I said what do you mean by the good old days? His reply, “it wasn’t as stressful and people were nicer and more polite.” And this is coming out of the mouth of someone who hasn’t even started first grade!
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Forbes CEO Salary Compensation Review 2006
Chief Executive Officers Salary Review for 2006
This year the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of the top 500 American companies earned a total of $5.4 billion or had an average salary of $10.9 million. There was also an average of $5.6 million in exercised stock options for each boss. Leading CEO's only had a small wage rise of just 6%, which is unimpressive when compared to the massive 54% wage rise in 2004!
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Now they call you Manager
Mark Smock - Leadership and Management Article
You have worked hard and you have just gotten that promotion you have always wanted and certainly earned. You have never supervised or been held responsible for other’s job performance and productivity. Now what?
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The End Of Leadership: Letting Things Happen
Brent Filson The End of Leadership Article
The principle is: The best results come not from what you make happen but from what you LET happen. It might seem like a simple, if not simplistic, concept. Why is it so important and why does it call for something as seemingly presumptuous as the end of leadership?
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Boost Your Leadership Skills
Brent Filson Boost Your Leadership Skills Article
I'm often asked to come in to organizations and give a motivational speech to their employees. I reply that I'm not a motivational speaker. Never have been. Never will be. Don't want to be. I do something else. I teach their people how to become motivational leaders. That's a far more productive endeavor.
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Top 50 Management Thinkers for 2005
Management Thinkers Review for 2005
Suntop Media has released what it considers to be the top 50 business management leaders for 2005. The Biannual Thinkers 50 list has named Michael Porter of Harvard Business School’s Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness as the most influential living management thinker of 2005.
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Help Your Employees Succeed
Jan B. King Business Success Article
Take some bold steps and help your employees and business partners open up to real change and help them start thinking again to the longer term. Send a message that you are ready to commit to new ways of thinking and that that includes a commitment to the success of your employees in the changing workplace.
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Blowing Your Own Leadership Horn
Brent Filson Blowing Leadership Horn Article
There are two streams of competitiveness running through every organization. The first goes outward: It's the organization's competitive activities toward its competitors. The second goes inward: It's the competitiveness of leaders inside the organization who are vying against one another for power, recognition, privilege and promotion.
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