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Get Rich Slowly
Michael Dylan Get Rich Slowly Article
I have to confess, I have read a whole bunch of get rich quick books, listened to get rich quick audio books and have even bought a few crappy get rich quick ebooks. They all taught me that you can get rich quickly by selling get rich schemes to lazy people like myself looking for shortcuts. Which is not to say that one can't become rich quickly, but there's a lot of luck involved and luck isn't something I'm prepared to depend on for my financial freedom.
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President Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize 2009
American President Barack Obama Awarded Prize for Peace
Less than nine months into his presidency, US President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts towards restoring international relations around the world. While some people agree that Obama has made significant strides during his presidency, some critics argue that the Nobel Prize was not yet earned by the new President.
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New Year Planning
Brian Tracy New Year Goal Setting Article

There has never been a better time in all of human history to be alive than today. There are more opportunities for you to accomplish more things, in more different fields, engaging in more different activities, than have ever existed before. Resolve today to make the coming year the very best year of your life. Resolve today to draw a line under your past and to focus very clearly on your future. Resolve today that you are going to set goals, make plans, take actions and achieve more in the coming year than perhaps you have ever accomplished in any one single year before.
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The Arenas of Success
Chris Widener Success Tips

In this article we are going to be looking at the “Arenas” that every person, organization, or business can operate out of. They are Values, Responsibility, Possibility, Negotiation, Vision, Dedication, and Accomplishment. The degree of our success is directly related to the degree in which we excel in and balance these arenas. As you go through each segment, think practically, because these are intended to be more than intellectual ideas.
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Leadership, Tribal Spiritual Wisdom, And The Leadership Talk
Brent Filson Spiritual Leadership Guide

You can boost your leadership skills and hence your career by understanding this one thing that most leaders miss: great leadership incorporates a spiritual dimension. This spiritual dimension has been a part of leadership since time in memorial; but in today's global economy, it is undergoing an historic, universal transformation. It's a transformation that speaks directly to your individual leadership and career challenges.
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Secrets of Successful Teams
Chris Widener Successful Teams Guide

To be a success is not always to be a success individually. In fact, most of the time we achieve our successes as part of a team. That is why I want to devote this issue to the secrets of successful team.
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Money, Money, Money!
Michael Dylan Money is Good Article
Money is good! In this day and age that we live in, money is not only good, but absolutely essential. Besides air, it may be the next most important thing in life. Of course health, love, friendship, fitness, faith, and happiness are all very important too, but how do we eat, or pay rent, or go to the doctor without having money?
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New Year's Resolutions for 2007
Michael Dylan New Years Resolutions
As the new year draws closer and many people are going into holiday mode, some people are thinking about the year ahead. It can be a time for reviewing the year that was and thinking about the year that will be.
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Nobel Peace Prize Winner for 2006
Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank Wine Nobel Peace Prize
The Nobel Peace Prize has a long list of distinguished laureates that include leaders of countries, activists for human rights, and founders of beneficial organizations. Bankers and banks have never been thought of as peacemakers until now. The Bangladeshi banker Muhammad Yunus and his Grameen Bank have been awarded equal share in the Nobel Peace Prize for 2006.
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Changing Habits
Michael Dylan Changing Habits Article
Human beings are creatures of habit. We get into a routine that we are comfortable with and we stick to it unless something big comes along and shocks us out of it. Our daily habits often force us to put up with all kind of degrading and destructive events, all in the name of keeping things comfortable or familiar. We would rather put up with the habits we know because we can put up with them, rather than create new habits that we have never experienced before.
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The Top Six Ways to Stay Motivated
Chris Widener Motivational + Success Article

How can I keep myself motivated long term? This seems to be quite a common dilemma for many people so I want to address it because it can be done! Here are my tips for staying motivated.
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Boost Your Leadership Skills
Brent Filson Boost Your Leadership Skills Article
I'm often asked to come in to organizations and give a motivational speech to their employees. I reply that I'm not a motivational speaker. Never have been. Never will be. Don't want to be. I do something else. I teach their people how to become motivational leaders. That's a far more productive endeavor.
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Choosing the Right Career Path
Michael Dylan Career Path Article
Choosing the right career path is one of the most defining decisions we can make in life. Our job not only says a lot about what kind of person we are, but will influence what type of car we drive, what kind of house we live in, the people we associate with, and more.
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New Year's Resolution
Michael Dylan New Years Resolution Article
Another year is about to tick over, with a new one waiting just over the horizon. Many people will be thinking about how to make next year better than this year and will probably even make a new year's resolution or two. They will be trying to change old habits, create new ones, work harder, find the "one", spend more time with family, earn more money, quit smoking, lose weight, and so many more aims that will probably be forgotten about before the first month is over.
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Making Changes
Michael Dylan Motivational Article
If you have ever tried to quit smoking or to change some major behavior that you have habitually done for many years, you will know how powerful our habits are. Human habits are a tough nut to crack, but like any tasty nut in a hard shell, it is very rewarding to break through the barrier holding you back. A powerful way to reach inside and create new habits or behaviors is to learn why we do what we do, and how much better it would be if we didn't do it!.
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Life is Worthwhile if You...
Jim Rohn Motivational Life Article
First, life is worthwhile if you LEARN. What you don't know WILL hurt you. You have to have learning to exist, let alone succeed. Life is worthwhile if you learn from your own experiences, negative and positive. We learn to do it right by first sometimes doing it wrong. We call that a positive negative. We also learn from other people's experiences, both positive and negative.
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Survivors and Thrivers!
Chris Widener Motivational + Success Article

A survivor has barely enough, a thriver has an abundance. Do you have more month left over at the end of your money? You can have more money left over at the end of your month! You can thrive financially! A survivor is always on the edge, a thriver is on firm ground. Do you feel like you could fall over the edge at any time? You can get back on solid footing! You can feel firm about where you are. You can thrive!
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Ambitiously Pursuing Your Own Self-Direction
Jim Rohn Ambitious Self Direction Article
What is the origin of true ambition? There exists really only one place to find true ambition and that is within you – in every thought, in every movement, in every motivation. Your ambition is an expression of who you truly are, your own self-expression.
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Retain Your Best People
Dorene Lehavi - Leadership Article

Many managers and team leaders ask me how to deal with employees in a way that will maximize their potential, create loyalty and respect, and cut down on high turnover and destructive behavior in the workplace. The single most common reason people stay or leave an organization is based on the relationship they have with their direct supervisor. Therefore the key is to show a keen personal interest in each person.
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When the Door of Opportunity Opens
Chris Widener Motivational + Success Article

Anybody can achieve anything. Do you believe that? I do. But there is a caveat that must be made. Those who succeed are those who walk through the door of opportunity when it swings open. That we know. But what is the secret to getting through the door of opportunity?
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In Leadership, Dreams Are The Stuff That Great Results Are Made Of
Brent Filson Leadership Results Article
Leadership is motivational or it’s stumbling in the dark. The best leaders don’t order people to do a job, the best leaders motivate people to want to do the job. The trouble is the vast majority of leaders don’t delve into the deep aspects of human motivation and so are unable to motivate people effectively.
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Motivational Tips and Questions
Dorene Lehavi - Motivation and Life Article

As you know, I write, coach and do seminars on helping people find their passion and build their lives around doing what they love. I know one of the big challenges in the process is to stay motivated, and the secret to staying motivated is to continually check in with yourself and clarify where you are.
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Avoiding Procrastination - Just Do it!
Robert Gerrish Motivational Article
I've borrowed Nike's slogan as the title to this piece because the topic itself - procrastination and how to avoid it - sounds far too uninspiring and when we're in the procrastination pit, we need all the help we can get!
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A Balanced Life
Dorene Lehavi - Motivation and Life Article

People as busy and stressed as lawyers often do not take the time to check in with themselves periodically about where they are in their lives. They tend not to stop and ask what is giving meaning and value to their lives. Sometimes the idea of doing so is frightening because of what they think they might find.
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Top 10 Ways to Start Living a More Meaningful Life
Dorene Lehavi - Motivation and Life Article

Too many of us live like goldfish, swimming in the same orbit day in and day out feeling uninspired, tired, bored and sometimes worse. Life is much too precious to waste that way. Every person has a unique purpose in life. I implore you not to waste your days berating yourself for what you don't know and don't do well. Instead, discover your strengths, passions, purpose and build your life on those.
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Three Factors of Leadership Motivation
Brent Filson Leadership + Motivational Article
Leaders do nothing more important than get results. But you can't get results by yourself. You need others to help you do it. And the best way to have other people get results is not by ordering them but motivating them. Yet many leaders fail to motivate people to achieve results because those leaders misconstrue the concept and applications of motivation.
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Motivational Marketing
Brent Filson Marketing + Motivational Article
Just as we're supposed to use only a fraction of our brains' capabilities, so I'm convinced, working with businesses in major industries, that people get just a fraction of the results they're capable of. Few businesses come close to achieving their potential results. That's because businesses are not marketing from the heart. When I speak of the heart, I speak of that intuitive, emotional, feeling aspect of all of us.
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Finding the Right Way to Motivate Your Employees
Chris Widener Motivational + Leadership Article

Zig Ziglar says that there are three main ways to motivate people in general and employees specifically. They are fear, incentives and growth. Let’s take a look at each one.
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Finding Motivation: What To Do When You Don't Feel Like Doing Anything
Chris Widener Motivational Article

In all of my interactions with people, I've never found anyone, regardless of their level of success, who doesn't sometimes find themselves simply not wanting to do the things that they need and want to do. It is a part of human nature that there will be times that, in spite of all that we need to do, and even desire to, we will find ourselves not wanting to do anything.
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Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself and Why Self Knowledge is the Key to Having the Life You Want
Dorene Lehavi - Motivational Article
Start by asking yourself some specific questions. Keep a record of your answers in a notebook or journal.
Here are 10 questions to begin your journey and remember, YOU will always be a WORK IN PROGRESS.
1) If you could do anything you want to tomorrow, what would it be?
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Make Greatness Your Goal!
Chris Widener Goal + Motivational Article
If greatness is your goal, whether in your business life, your personal relationships or your own personal growth, here are some guidelines to get you on your way. Greatness is possible!
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Living Without Limits
Brian Tracy Motivation + Goals Article
The starting point of great success and achievement has always been the same. It is for you to dream big dreams. There is nothing more important, and nothing that works faster than for you to cast off your own limitations than for you to begin dreaming and fantasizing about the wonderful things that you can become, have, and do.
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Success is Easy, But so is Neglect
Jim Rohn Motivation + Success Article
People often ask me how I became successful in that six-year period of time while many of the people I knew did not. The answer is simple: The things I found to be easy to do, they found to be easy not to do. I found it easy to set the goals that could change my life. They found it easy not to.
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