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The Subprime Aftermath: Lessons Learned
Al Jacobs How to Deal with the Subprime Loan Crisis
Though not quite as contemptible as an obscene four-letter word, the term “subprime loan” comes close. Those two words acquired a stigma over the past year as the real estate market essentially collapsed. It’s the rare financial analyst that fails to remind us how subprime lending resulted in nationwide misery. Unfortunately, after uttering that accusation, many counselors are remarkably imprecise as to exactly what constitutes a subprime loan.
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The Hows and Whys of the Sub-Prime Mortgage Meltdown
Al Jacobs Sub Prime Mortgage Information
During this past month the nation learned of the collapse-in-progress of the sub-prime mortgage market, which it appears will be promoted as this season’s spectator sport. Each day we view another victim in this saga: a former sub-prime loan processor who lost her job, a condominium owner now six months behind in his mortgage payments and facing foreclosure, or a shareholder of Accredited Home Lenders whose stock value fell 65% in a single day. What are we to think? Who is to blame? What must be done?
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World's Most Expensive Homes 2007
Top Ten Most Expensive Homes in the World for 2007
Forbes has scoured the world again to find the most expensive homes in 2007. They are spread throughout all corners of the globe, including Turkey, France, and the United Kingdom, but the majority of the top ten is dominated with American mansions. A UK home takes the number one position on the list, but six of the top ten are American.
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Observations of a Bubble
Al Jacobs Real Estate Bubble Article
The subject of real estate is seldom discussed today without mention of the omnipresent housing bubble. From all reports, it seems certain to burst, bringing with it a cornucopia of misfortune for millions of souls. Judging from the incessant flow of articles and commentary, it is a national obsession. Publications of such stature as Reuters and Businessweek and persons as prominent as Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan are regularly addressing the problem.
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The Three Largest Factors In Your Interest Rate
David Brumbaugh Mortgage Article
Every year, misinformed homebuyers, often first-time purchasers or seniors, become victims of predatory lending or loan fraud. Below you'll find the top ten ways to avoid becoming a victim yourself.
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Most Expensive Homes in 2007 - Michael Dell's House

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