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Search Engine Optimization Tips for Small Businesses
David Bond Search Engine Optimization Basics
Have you ever wondered why the sites at the top of search engine results are there? Especially if your site is nowhere to be seen, yet it has a lot more valuable content or a better product range than those at the top. It can be frustrating for small businesses that put a lot of work into their websites, yet get a fraction of the visitors that some people talk about receiving.
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Customer Service Tips for Online Businesses
Michael Dylan Customer Service Tips
In 'real world' shopping you can look your customers right in the eye, chat with them and thus understand what they want, or guide them to a certain item. And if they come back again and again, it's partly because they like you or your staff, as much as liking your product (unless you're in a specialized field). But with so much online business, we need to establish good customer relations in cyber-space, including ways to find out what the customer needs and what they really value in your business.
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How to Write a Business Plan for Small Businesses
David Bond Writing a Small Business Plan Article
A plan for your small business is useful if you want to focus yourself and get an overall picture of what you have to do in order to build your enterprise. On top of that, a good business plan is an absolute must if you want to convince institutions or individuals to loan money or invest in your business. One way to organize your business plan is to compose it like an informative news article, explaining the who, what, when, why, and how of your business.
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Internet Marketing for Small Businesses
Michael Dylan Internet Marketing Article
Whether your whole business is online or it is just to direct visitors to your bricks and mortar business, marketing it properly online is important. This does not mean that you have to spend a million dollars doing it, or that you have to receive a degree to do it yourself.
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Business Growth
Michael Dylan Growing Your Business Article
Once your business is up and running and things are going fine, you will start to look at how to grow. There are many ways to expand a good business, but first make sure you have your current circumstances under control.
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Avoiding the ‘always available’ trap
Robert Gerrish Small Business Article
Well don’t we just have it all at our fingertips these days? Mobile telephony, satellite monitoring, wireless go anywhere internet connection, SMS and ‘always on’ email straight to our palm devices. As soloists, there’s no excuse for failing to stay in touch with our work (and our clients) regardless of where we are or when. The marketers of course, would have us believe this is all good.
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Key Steps to a Sound Business Purchase Structure
Mark Smock - Small Business Article
If you have just decided to start the process of buying your first company or if you are a seasoned mergers and acquisitions professional, you as a business buyer, need to utilize a disciplined, structured approach to purchase the best business acquisition possible. This article will give you a shortcut to incorporating most of the elements you must have to systematically qualify and “bias” the business purchase negotiations in your favor with the business seller.
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On Failure and Learning from Mistakes
Ryan Allis Small Business Article
Most people are afraid to fail. They worry constantly about not meeting expectations, making a mistake, or trying something new. Because of this, many never get started on the path toward reaching their goals.. and thus assure themselves of the very thing they are afraid of.. failure. In order to become a successful entrepreneur you will likely have to ‘pay your dues.'
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Motivational Tips and Questions
Dorene Lehavi - Networking Article

As you know, I write, coach and do seminars on helping people find their passion and build their lives around doing what they love. I know one of the big challenges in the process is to stay motivated, and the secret to staying motivated is to continually check in with yourself and clarify where you are.
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Top Ten Reasons Businesses Succeed
Jan B. King Business Success Article
Article discusses the top ten reasons for the success of businesses with a brief explanation of each point. Business author Jan B. King stresses the importance of good management and good products, but also touches on several other business success secrets.
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Turning a New Business into an Enduring Company
Ryan Allis Small Business Article
As your business grows, you will need to build systems and processes and attempt to automate as much as you can. You’ll need to build distribution systems, inventory systems, marketing systems, follow-up systems, customer support systems, research and development systems, accounting systems, and hiring systems, among many others.
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The 50 Critical Questions Essential to Running a Great Business
Jan B. King Planning Article
There are hundreds of questions essential to running a great business. Of all of the questions, I consider these the 50 most critical. Consider making each of these questions the topic for weekly management meetings. Do we have a vision about where we are going as a company?
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Standing Out From the Crowd
Robert Gerrish Marketing + Entrepreneur Article
Inevitably, entrepreneurs compete for business alongside others offering the same or similar services. Some sectors of business are very crowded making it difficult to make inroads, particularly for those establishing a new business.
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Top 5 Ways to Become Irresistibly Attractive in Business
Robert Gerrish Marketing + Small Business Article

Ever noticed how some people just seem to attract success? There's you bashing away at your business, doing everything the manuals tell you to do and yet the person next door, doing seemingly very little, has a constant queue at the door.How is this possible? What's the secret?
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Top 10 Questions about Business Plans Answered
Jan B. King Business Plan + Small Business Article
A business plan is a written summary of everything you already know about your business and the industry it is in, and the future you expect to create with that business. A well-done businessplan is realistic, but conveys the energy and optimism you feel about your business's future. It is an opportunity to convince the world that your idea is worth the time, energy and money it will take to make it a reality.
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10 Cardinal Rules to Business Growth
Ryan Allis Marketing + Small Business Article
Marketing is everything you do to place your product or service in the hands of potential customers. The purpose of marketing is to get the word out about your product—and in turn to make sales of your product or service. Sales is only a part of marketing, however. While sales is simply the act of converting a prospect from prospect to customer, marketing is the process that makes sales possible including brand development, partnership creation, publicity, and advertising. Marketing is the background work that gets prospects in the door.
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Fixing Missed Opportunities
Robert Gerrish Marketing + Small Business Article
Let’s name a day once every three months as “Solo Entrepreneur Day for Fixing Missed Opportunities!”It is important to set aside time to look back on the past few months and question the things we've let slip by. Once we highlight stuff we can get on and fix it. Like you didn't know that.
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10 Cardinal Rules to Business Growth
Mark Smock Marketing + Small Business Article
After over 30 years of participating in hundreds of businesses, competing in at least as many different industries, with companies marketing both products and services, you begin to develop and accumulate some fundamental businesses axioms or “rules of thumb” that seem to make more sense everyday and gain more value in business practice as your career continues to advance and evolve.
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Bad Small Business Behaviours: Binge Marketing
Robert Gerrish Marketing + Small Business Article
Effective small business marketing is not an activity to be done in spurts, it should be constantly happening in your business. If we think of marketing as an engine, it needs to be ticking over steadily at all times.
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Finding More Business
Alan J. Zell Selling + Marketing Article
Every business needs more business. That's an accepted fact. The unaccepted fact is that most businesses don't use all the opportunities available that will bring them additional business. When one looks for additional business, the primary goal should center around getting "second sales.
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