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Alan Greenspan Biography : (Former) Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Famous for : Being the Federal Reserve Chairman of America from 1987 through to 2006, for having the power to move markets, and for his term used to describe the stock market boom in the nineties; "Irrational Exuberance"
Greenspan details : Born - March 6, 1926 - New York City, USA Lives - United States of America
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I have found no greater satisfaction than achieving success through honest dealing and strict adherence to the view that, for you to gain, those you deal with should gain as well.
Alan Greenspan - Success - Truth - Profits - Partnership

The true measure of a career is to be able to be content, even proud, that you succeeded through your own endeavors without leaving a trail of casualties in your wake.
Alan Greenspan - Success - Truth - Happiness - Dishonesty

I do not deny that many appear to have succeeded in a material way by cutting corners and by manipulating associates, both in their professional and in their personal lives. But material success is possible in this world and far more satisfying when it comes without exploiting others.
Alan Greenspan - Success - Life - Dishonesty

It has been my experience that competency in mathematics, both in numerical manipulations and in understanding its conceptual foundations, enhances a person's ability to handle the more ambiguous and qualitative relationships that dominate our day-to-day financial decision-making
Alan Greenspan - Money - Investing - Knowledge - Finance

Any informed borrower is simply less vulnerable to fraud and abuse
Alan Greenspan - Money - Dishonesty - Knowledge - Finance

succeed, you will soon learn, as I did, the importance of a solid foundation in the basics of education--literacy, both verbal and numerical, and communication skills.
Alan Greenspan - Success - Knowledge - Finance

It is decidedly not true that "nice guys finish last," as that highly original American baseball philosopher, Leo Durocher, was alleged to have said.
Alan Greenspan - Truth - Life - Dishonesty

I was a good amateur but only an average professional. I soon realized that there was a limit to how far I could rise in the music business, so I left the band and enrolled at New York University.
Alan Greenspan - Knowledge

Quotations by the American Economist and Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan Quotations by the American Economist and Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan

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