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Alex Jones Biography (Alexander Emerick Jones) : Talkshow Radio Host
Famous for : Being a radio talkshow host and conspiracy theorist of "The Alex Jones Show" in Texas. Jones has created controversy with his views on the 9/11 attacks in New York City, Oklahoma City bombing, the New World Order, UFO conspiracies, and the Bilderberg group. Some in the alternative media movement have questioned the integrity of Jones, labeling him a fear monger and puppet of the elites he exposes.
Jones details : Born - 11th of February, 1974 Dallas, Texas, United States / Lives United States

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Business Quotes by Alex Jones Notable Quotes by Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones

If humanity has any hope of effecting real change for the better, it will not come from the Madison Avenue false reality makers who've cast Barack Obama as the savior of the world. To alter our course from tyranny to liberty, to defeat the corrupt elite, we must get past the puppets and confront the real power structure of the planet.
Alex Jones - Humanity - Change - Leadership
- Tyranny - Liberty - Elite - Corrupt - Power - World

When John Kennedy attempted to take the government back from the back from the robber barons, he was brutally murdered. The message to future US president and leaders across the world was clear: do as you're told, or die. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the last true president of the United States. And until the globalists are removed from power, we will never have another real one.
Alex Jones - Change - Elite - Power
- Government - Kill - Death - President - America

The New World Order is a more palatable name for the Anglo American world empire. It's the planetary domination of London, New York, Washington over the rest of the world. It's hard to get people to join that or think they have a part in it if you called it the Anglo American world empire. If you call it the New World Order, then people in India or some place like that or the European Union might think, "Well, there's something there for us too." But that's not what it is; it's the Anglo American New World Order.
Alex Jones - World - America - New World Order
- Europe - Washington - India - Globalization

These powerbrokers, which bomb innocent countries and slaughter people, and, you know, pump the food chain full of garbage and just everything else they do, it's probably something fun for them. They really get off on being bad little boys.
Alex Jones - Elite - Power - Killing - Evil - War

It's a different kind of economic recovery. The kind where bankers steal trillions and you don't have a job.
Alex Jones - Economy - Recovery - Bankers - Theft - Jobs

You get mad at your neighbor if they park in your parking spot; you get mad at your neighbor's dog if it craps in your yard; but you don't get mad when a bunch of mad dog killers are building FEMA camp control grids, brainwashing police, banning protest, having door-to-door gun confiscations?
Alex Jones - Tyranny - Killing - Mad - Police

Presidents are now little more than corporate henchmen who take all the political heat while the controllers remain in the shadows, safe from public scrutiny.
Alex Jones - President - Corporate - Politics - Ruling Class

The school's just teaching you how to not think, suck prozac and drink fluoride.
Alex Jones - School - Teaching - Thinking - Evil

The difference between that building and the new building 7 is that Larry Silverstein doesn't own that building.
Alex Jones - September 11 - Evil - Crime

What a bunch of garbage, liberal, Democratic, conservative, Republican, it's all there to control you, two sides of the same coin! Two management teams, bidding for control of the CEO job of Slavery Incorporated!
Alex Jones - Jobs - Politics - Democratic - Republican - CEO - Control - Conservative - Liberal

It's a sure thing that you are living in an empire when the Emperor's retarded son becomes the new Emperor.
Alex Jones - President - Politicians - Funny Political

Quotations by Alex Jones Quotations by the American Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones

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