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Ben Bernanke Biography (Ben Shalom Bernanke): Federal Reserve Chairman (January 2006)
Famous for : being the chairman of the United States President's Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) and taking over the position of Chairman of the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve (Fed Reserve Chairman) from Alan Greenspan. Bernanke was the Time Person of the Year in 2009.
Bernanke details : Born - December 13, 1953 Georgia, USA / Lives - United States of America
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The basic prescription for preventing deflation is straightforward, at least in principle: Use monetary and fiscal policy as needed to support aggregate spending, in a manner as nearly consistent as possible with full utilization of economic resources and low and stable inflation. In other words, the best way to get out of trouble is not to get into it in the first place.
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The sources of deflation are not a mystery. Deflation is in almost all cases a side effect of a collapse of aggregate demand.. a drop in spending so severe that producers must cut prices on an ongoing basis in order to find buyers.
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Over the years, the U.S. economy has shown a remarkable ability to absorb shocks of all kinds, to recover, and to continue to grow. Flexible and efficient markets for labor and capital, an entrepreneurial tradition, and a general willingness to tolerate and even embrace technological and economic change all contribute to this resiliency.
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There’s no denying that a collapse in stock prices today would pose serious macroeconomic challenges for the United States. Consumer spending would slow, and the U.S. economy would become less of a magnet for foreign investors. Economic growth, which in any case has recently been at unsustainable levels, would decline somewhat. History proves, however, that a smart central bank can protect the economy and the financial sector from the nastier side effects of a stock market collapse.
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The economic repercussions of a stock market crash depend less on the severity of the crash itself than on the response of economic policymakers, particularly central bankers.
Ben Bernanke - Problems - Economy - Stock Market

A collapse in U.S. stock prices certainly would cause a lot of white knuckles on Wall Street. But what effect would it have on the broader U.S. economy? If Wall Street crashes, does Main Street follow? Not necessarily.
Ben Bernanke - Problems - Economy - Stock Market

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke Quotations by the United States Economist and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

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Economist Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke Quotes
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