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Bob Brown Biography (Robert James Brown): Australian Greens Politician and Environmentalist
Famous for : being a voice for the environment in Australia, being a popular openly gay politician, and for interupting the American President George W Bush during a speech he was giving in the Australian parliament in 2003 (and was briefly suspended for the action). Bob Brown resigned as leader of the Greens in 2012 and was succeeded by Christine Milne.
Brown details : Born - December 27, 1944 NSW, Australia / Lives - Tasmania, Australia

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Five deaths have been reported in Australia from vaccines in the 19 month period 6/6/97 to 31/1/99. These statistics make a mockery of the words of Australia's Health Minister, Dr. Michael Wooldridge, who said: 'It's more likely your child will die because of a meteorite falling from space than die from immunisation'.
Bob Brown - Vaccine - Children - Health

Australia must prioritise education spending. It is not a question of whether or not we have the money, it is a question of how we choose to spend it.
Bob Brown - Priorities - Learning - Money

There is a spiritual side to our connection with the planet. And in this material world, that's anathema. It is somewhat worrying. What I say.. it makes life. It gives us fulfilment. It makes us whole human beings. And without it, we make mistakes. And, boy, are the leaders of the world making mistakes at the moment.
Bob Brown - Life - Mistakes - Politicians
- Environmental

With a small fraction of the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on the Iraq war, the US and Australia could ensure every starving, sunken-eyed child on the planet could be well fed, have clean water and sanitation and a local school to go to.
Bob Brown - Money - Poverty - War

Renewable energy is proven technology, the price is dropping, the rest of the world is going that way, that's where our investment should be going as well.
Bob Brown - Technology - Innovation
- Environmental

We must have an expansionary vision, one that captures the imagination and diversity of the whole community, one which befits a nation which has moved beyond the basics of literacy and numeracy and which wants to develop a learning culture, to affirm its democratic traditions and give expression to the diversity and vibrance of its community through its public education system. Putting optimism for everyone back into Australia’s future depends on it.
Bob Brown - Learning - Ambition

The Greens will continue to champion a fairer society rather than simply the economy and to champion the parliament rather than simply the stock exchange.
Bob Brown - Politicians - Ambition - Stock Market -

Australian Greens Politician - Bob Brown Quotations by the Famous Australian Greens Politician - Bob Brown

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Bob Brown Quotes - Environmentalist
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