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Bono Biography (Paul David Hewson): U2 singer and Humanitarian
Famous for : being the lead singer of the pop band U2 and for working to fight poverty and human rights abuses throughout the world.
Bono details : Born - May 10, 1960 Dublin, Ireland / Lives - Ireland

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Business Quotes by Bono Inspirational Quotes by Irish Activist Bono

It's not enough to rage against the lie.. you've got to replace it with the truth.
Bono -
Lies - Truth - Action

One of the things that I picked up from my father and my mother was the sense that religion often gets in the way of God.
- Religion - God

America is an idea, but it's an idea that brings with it some baggage, like power brings responsibility. It's an idea that brings with it equality, but equality even though it's the highest calling, is the hardest to reach. The idea that anything is possible, that's one of the reasons why I'm a fan of America. It's like hey, look there's the moon up there, let's take a walk on it, bring back a piece of it. That's the kind of America that I'm a fan of.
Bono -
Action - America - Ideas - Responsible - Power - Encouragement

At a certain point, I just felt, you know, God is not looking for alms, God is looking for action.
Bono -
Action - God - Inspirational

I'm tired of dreaming. I'm into doing at the moment. It's, like, let's only have goals that we can go after.
Bono -
Action - Encouragement - Now - Goals

I could never be a politician because I think I'm too selfish, and I think I like to have fun.. the right to be irresponsible is a right I hold dear.
Bono -
Politicians - Responsible - Fun

The world is more malleable than you think and it's waiting for you to hammer it into shape.
Bono -
Action - Encouragement - World

Quotations by the Irish pop singer of U2 and Humanitarian Quotations by the Irish pop singer of U2 and Humanitarian

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