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Conrad Moffat Black Biography (Baron Black of Crossharbour): Newspaper magnate and Biographer
Famous for : Controversial Canadian born British newspaper Baron Black that was found guilty of criminal fraud in 2007.
Black details : Born - August 25, 1944 Canada Lives - United Kingdom

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I made 50 million bucks yesterday. That's a flameout I could get used to.
Conrad Black - Luck - Rich

While few judges or prosecutors would be afraid to exercise their perfectly legitimate discretion in favour of an ordinary man, not to mention a minority group member, most would be terrified to exercise the same discretion for someone politically, financially or socially powerful.
Conrad Black - Rich - Politicians - Power

We're going to try and recruit the very best people we can and produce the best papers we can, and publish them to the highest standards we can.
Conrad Black - Ambition - Optimistic

I do not at all have the mind of a bully.. in my mind bullies are intolerant of contrary opinion, domineering and rather cowardly. I would hope that none of those terms could be fairly used in describing me.
Conrad Black - Self Help

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