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Dick Smith Biography : Dick Smith Electronics and Dick Smith Foods founder
Famous for : being Australian of the year in 1986, his entrepreneurship, and generous philanthropy works.
Smith details : Born - March 18, 1944 Australia Lives - Australia

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Australia is an absolutely fantastic country, but the only thing we lack is the ability to work harder.
Dick Smith - Work -

Globalization has gone wrong, as it has no rules. Multinationals are almost above the law. They are so huge they are bigger than governments.
Dick Smith - Capitalism - Business - Companies

If we are not careful, capitalism will self-destruct. We will destroy it as the companies have no conscience and do not really compete.
They are so big they can't go broke, so they simply acquire everything.
Dick Smith - Capitalism - Growth - Companies

Marx was right when he said capitalism would destroy itself as capitalist would eat capitalist until they became so big they could not compete.
Dick Smith - Capitalism - Growth - Competition

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