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Erica Packer Biography (Erica Baxter) : Australian Model and Pop Singer
Famous for : Being an Australian fashion model, pop singer and partner of the richest man in Australia, James Packer.
Baxter details : Born - Gunnedah, Australia / Lives Australia
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I'd always thought, 'When I finish modelling, I'm going to pursue this.' But then it really kind of hit me. I realized, 'Well, no, you can't do it when it's convenient. If I'm going to do it, I've got to do it right now.' (talking about pursuing her career as a singer)
Erica Baxter - Now - Action - Procrastination

Someone once told me: 'Luck is when opportunity meets preparation'. And that's what I really feel with my music. I've worked really, really hard on it. It was like, 'this is really what I want to do.. what do I have to do to make it work?'
Erica Baxter - Luck - Hard Work - Opportunity
- Passion

The modelling was fun but I don't see it the same as music, because with modelling, I was just kind of lucky, I just fell into it. I got discovered at a train station when I'd just turned 15, I was working full-time by 16, moved overseas and then just kept at it and made it a life. Whereas with my music, I've really struggled through and worked hard, learnt how to write and I've kept developing that.
Erica Baxter - Fun - Lucky - Hard Work

It is a transition, from modelling to singing, but for me it's a natural progression. The modelling was something I did to travel the world and make some money and end up doing what I want to do. It was a way for me to go gather the experience to write an album and now sing about it.
Erica Baxter - Change - Money - Career

Quotations by the wife of the richest man in Australia (James Packer), Erica Baxter Quotations by the wife of the richest man in Australia (James Packer), Erica Baxter

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