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Baron Guy Édouard Alphonse Paul de Rothschild Biography: Banker and Philanthropist
Famous for : Being a member of the French arm of the famous Rothschild family. His father was Édouard de Rothschild and was the great-great grandson of the founder of the great banking dynasty Mayer Amschel Rothschild. Guy served in World War II, chaired the Rothschild Frères bank, was a thoroughbred race horse owner and breeder, art collector, philanthropist, and supporter of Jewish causes.
Rothschild details : Born - 21st of May, 1909 Paris, France / Died - 12th of June, 2007 Paris, France

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Business Quotes by Guy de Rothschild Business Quotes by the French Billionaire Guy Rothschild

Since I'm fortunate enough to be neither hesitant nor indecisive, I've always made a point of consulting my partners and associates whenever a major decision has to be made. This is not to say that I have always been right!
Guy de Rothschild - Management -
Leadership - Decisions - Partnership - Hesitation - Indecisive

They (the Rothschilds) have never dreamed of being ashamed of their wealth nor of disguising their way of life, no more than they have ever failed to assume their roles and responsibilities as Jews.
Guy de Rothschild - Jewish -
Wealth - Rich - Money - Responsibility - Rothschild

According to an old French motto, Noblesse oblige - one must live up to one's name. The Rothschilds' condition of life has imposed on them a second motto: Richesse oblige - one must live up to one's fortune.
Guy de Rothschild - Wealth -
France - Family - Motto - Fortune - Rothschild

On the whole, my family had always adopted a reserved attitude toward Zionism; my great-uncle Edmond had acted on his own in generously supporting Jewish Palestine, for reasons more humanitarian and religious than political. But the devastation caused by the war and the extermination of six million Jews radically changed all of our former attitudes. The idea of a Jewish homeland acquired an intense emotional appeal; I myself became an ardent Zionist..
Guy de Rothschild - Jewish - Zionism
- Support - Human Rights - War - Humanitarian - Killed - Israel - Palestine - Conflict - Religion - Politics

Although one never really knows what one's associates think of one deep down, I believe I was easy to work with, even though I have the reputation of being authoritative. Still, I've always delegated responsibility and authority to other; I've always listened to opposing views and suggestions with an open mind.
Guy de Rothschild - Management - Leadership - Delegate - Responsibility - Listening - Authority

For two thousand years the Jews have suffered from oppression by most of the people with whom they've been in contact; and it seems inconceivable to me, for the dignity and honor of Israel, that a Jewish army or government should now play the opposite role and appear to be the oppressor, against whom a resistance movement will inevitably arise.
Guy de Rothschild - Jewish - Arab - Zionism
- Conflict - Human Rights - Israel - Palestine - Humanitarian - Oppression - Army - Government - Politics

Quotations by Guy de Rothschild Quotations by the French Rothschild Banker and Philanthropist Guy Rothschild

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France Billionaire Guy de Rothschild Quotes
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