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Howard Stern Biography (Howard Allan Stern): Radio and television personality
Famous for : hosting the popular "The Howard Stern Show", radio and television appearances, and his controversial opinions (dubbed a shock Jock).
Stern details : Born - January 12, 1954 New York, USA / Lives - United States of America

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When you hire me, you hire a nut who is going to work 24 hours a day for you and never, ever burn his audience.
Howard Stern - Employee - Work

This country (United States) has too many freedoms.
Howard Stern - Freedom

I'm not a good listener some times. I'm too much of a control freak. I’m learning to be better. I was so caught up in just getting the job done that I would miss out on the human aspect of this. There was a connection missing.
Howard Stern - Work - Focus

My mother was very involved with me. And we had a dialogue constantly. And it was like an umbilical cord. As long as the words were flowing back and forth we were connected and feeding each other. And I probably grew up very afraid of losing that connection.
Howard Stern - Family - Fear

I’m about being funny. If I can make a joke using profanity, I will. But for the most part, that can get awfully old and boring.
Howard Stern - Fun

I've always thought that a name says a lot about a person. So naturally, being named Howard, I always wanted to crawl into a hole.
Howard Stern - People
- Branding

The Howard Stern Show Quotations by the radio and television personality of the "The Howard Stern Show"

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