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J. K. Rowling Biography (Joanne Rowling): Author
Famous for : Writing the popular Harry Potter series of books. Rowling has become a billionaire with the success of the Harry Potter franchise, through book sales, movie deals, Harry Potter merchandise, and related products.
Rowling details : Born - July 31, 1965 England, Britain / Lives United Kingdom of Great Britain
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Business Quotes by J. K. Rowling Business Quotes by British Author of Harry Potter J. K. Rowling

Probably the very best thing my earnings have given me is absense of worry. I have not forgotten what it feels like to worry whether you'll have enough to pay the bills. Not to have to think about that any more is the biggest luxury in the world.
J. K. Rowling - Earnings - Worry
- Bills

I never expected to be in the papers. I personally never expected to be in the papers. The height of my ambition for these books was, well frankly, to get reviewed. A lot of children's books don't even get reviewed.. forget good review, bad review. Personally, no, I never expected to be in the papers so it's an odd experience when it happens to you.
J. K. Rowling - Success - Ambition - Book
- Media - Famous

Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve.
J. K. Rowling - Optimistic - Courage

I didn't think they'd rake through my bins, I didn't expect to be photographed on the beach through long lenses. I never dreamt it would impact my daughter's life negatively, which at times it has. It would be churlish to say there's nothing good about being famous; to have a total stranger walk up to you as you're walking around Safeways, and say a number of nice things that they might say about your work... I mean of course you walk on with a bit more spring in your step.
J. K. Rowling - Media - Famous - Negative - Dreams

The fame thing is interesting because I never wanted to be famous, and I never dreamt I would be famous. You know, my fantasy of being a famous writer, and again there's a slight disconnect with reality which happens a lot with me. I imagined being a famous writer would be like being like Jane Austen.
J. K. Rowling - Book - Famous - Dreams

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Famous J. K. Rowling Quotes by the Harry Potter Author
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