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James Packer Biography (James Douglas Packer): Executive Chairman of Australian media company PBL
Famous for : being the son of the richest man in Australia, Kerry Packer and for his role in the downfall of the telecommunications business One.Tel
Packer details : Born - September 8, 1967 Australia / Lives - Australia
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Stop viewing China like it's the Cold War. Start viewing them as a modern member of the industrialized world.
James Packer - China - Industrial
- World

When you look at what Star (casino) has done for Sydney over the last fifteen years.. I don't think it has done a lot. When you look at what Crown (his casino) has done for Melbourne, I think it has done an enormous amount. And there's all sorts of statistics and figures and facts that can back those things up.
James Packer - Growth - Casino - Australia - Proud

There is no discussion inside this boardroom to say we've got to get into this or that. We look at every growth opportunity on its merits.
James Packer - Growth - Decisions - Opportunity

We have recognized that the world is changing. How your children are behaving, how their friends are behaving. What they consume and what they watch.
James Packer - Change - Advertising - Customers

In a perfect world we don't want to be overly dependent on any single asset or be so dependent on the cycle or where one asset is the bulk of this company.
James Packer - Assets - Companies

We need to make sure we have the best people we can in our operations, and that is a constant challenge. There is always room to improve.
James Packer - Employee - Challenges

We just have to go at 100 miles an hour in all our businesses, be they television broadcasting, be they magazine publishing, be they subscription television, be they online, be they gaming. We just have to go at one hundred miles an hour..
James Packer - Business Growth - Companies

I'm a great believer in new technology and I think new technology is very scary for newspaper companies.
James Packer - Change - Companies - Technology

The history of media is the market share of advertising dollars has followed.. albeit with a lag.
James Packer - Advertising

You can say on one hand the market is crazy but it's not 1999. People have had their medicine from overexuberance. I find it really interesting that those two businesses, Yahoo! and Google, which are just online advertising businesses, are valued at more than the media behemoths in America.
James Packer - Advertising - Companies - Stock Market

Famous Businessman - James Packer Quotations by the Famous Businessman - James Packer of Publishing and Broadcasting Limited (PBL)

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