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Kerry Stokes Biography : Seven Network Chairman (Australian Television Station)
Famous for : Being one of the richest men in Australia, the chairman of Channel 7, and for being a collector of Australian art.
Stokes details : Born - November 12, 1940 Australia / Lives Perth, Western Australia

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Business Quotes by Kerry Stokes Business Quotes by Australian Media Man Kerry Stokes

The most important adage and the only adage is, the customer comes first, whatever the business, the customer comes first.
Kerry Stokes - Important - Customers - Business

If we actually love what we're doing and we go and do what we love, and every day we get up because we're really happy to get up and go and do what we do, you can't actually do that without expression, and art forms part of that mix of expression that makes the whole package of life so enjoyable to be in
Kerry Stokes - Love - Jobs - Happiness
- Art Collecting - Enjoyment

At the end of the day, anybody who thinks there's a reward for nothing, ends up losing.
Kerry Stokes - Losing - Greed

The only way of making money is for effort. The only time I've ever lost money is when I've purposely said, "I'm doing this to make money." And I've actually on three occasions lost significant sums. I have made wealth when I've actually made a contribution to something, when I've done something I thought I could do better than somebody else or have done something better than somebody else does it.
Kerry Stokes - Losing - Money - Wealth
- Hard Work

Ethics or simple honesty is the building blocks upon which our whole society is based, and business is a part of our society, and it's integral to the practice of being able to conduct business, that you have a set of honest standards. And it's much easier to do business with someone when you look them in the eye and say, "This is what we're going to do," and you understand what you each mean, and you can go away and get it done.
Kerry Stokes - Business - Social - Business Ethics
- Trust - Deals

Quotations by the Australian billionaire media mogul Kerry Stokes Quotations by the Australian billionaire media mogul Kerry Stokes

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Famous Kerry Stokes Quotes by the Australian Billionaire
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