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Rupert Murdoch Biography (Keith Rupert Murdoch) : Chairman of News Corporation
Famous for : Rising to lead the global Newscorp Media Empire after coming from a small town in Australia
Murdoch details : Born - March 11, 1931 Australia / Lives - USA (became US citizen in 1985)
More Information : Rupert Murdoch Biography - Rupert Murdoch Companies - Profile - Wendi Deng - Murdoch Goes Green

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Business Quotes by Rupert Murdoch Business Quotes by Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch

The buck stops with me, but I can tick off dozens of very good senior executives that are responsible for hundreds or thousands of people who work for me.
Rupert Murdoch - Management - Responsibility - Employee - Leadership

You've got to look for a gap, where competitors in a market have grown lazy and lost contact with the readers or the viewers.
Rupert Murdoch - Growth - Competition - Lazy - Customers

I think we've been an agent for change, everywhere, and I think change frightens people. They're going nicely in what seems like a settled industry, and someone comes in and says: "I can do this better. It doesn't matter how nice that other one is." That's one of the distinguishing points of our acquisitions.
Rupert Murdoch - Change - Fear - Improvement

As with all politically lead governments, foreign investment is the slowest in the media section. Politicians are somewhat paranoid about the media but we still think it’s worthwhile.
Rupert Murdoch - Change - Media - Government - Competition - Investments

Size and synergies between the different segments of the company matter. As far as we are concerned, the Internet is broadening our opportunity, as well as for other big media companies with huge resources in sports, entertainment and news. There's just more opportunity.
Rupert Murdoch - Media - Internet - Company - Opportunity

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News Corporation - Rupert Murdoch Quotations by the Australian media mogul and Chairman of News Corporation - Rupert Murdock

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News Corporation's Rupert Murdoch Quotes
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