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Steve Martin Biography (Stephen Glenn Martin): American Comedian, Actor and Art Collector
Famous for : being a well known actor and comedian that has starred in many movies and for his art collection of modern and contemporary American paintings.
Martin details : Born - August 14, 1945 Texas, USA / Lives - United States of America

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When you're touring and if you go to a party, there's automatically a celebrity-audience distance. It follows you around, especially when you're on the road in small towns. Any time there is awe, it gets very difficult to be normal, to be yourself. But I'm not saying that that's what made me the way I am. I've probably always been distant.
Steve Martin -
Famous - Difficult

College totally changed my life. It changed what I believe and what I think about everything. I majored in philosophy.
Steve Martin - School - Education - Belief - Thinking - Change

Reviews for someone like me come in three packages. One is justifiable praise, the second is justifiable criticism, and the third is, "This is only published because he’s a celebrity."
Steve Martin - Famous - Criticism - Book - Praise

I'm 48. For a while after 'The Jerk' (movie) I had a feeling of failure. I was a little scared. First people discover you and they love you. You get big and then you fail. And people are glad that you fail. But I've always come back and I've started to trust myself.
Steve Martin - Famous - Criticism - Failure - Trust

I think the biggest frustration about reviews is when they criticize your best bit. And then you go, “What the ****?” I remember when I was a comedian, I’d get a bad review and they’d always fail to say that the audience was dying laughing.
Steve Martin - Criticism - Funny - Best - Frustration

You know, there's a moment when you're famous when it's unbearable to go out because you're too famous. And then there's a moment when you're famous just right.
Steve Martin - Famous

Quotations by the American Art Collector and Comedian Steve Martin Quotations by the American Art Collector and Comedian Steve Martin

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