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Vince McMahon Biography (Vincent Kennedy McMahon) : Chairman and majority owner of the World Wrestling Entertainment company
Famous for : Making millions from the WWE (formerly known as the World Wrestling Federation).
McMahon details : Born - August 24, 1945 United States Lives - USA

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Business Quotes by Vince McMahon Motivational Quotes by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon

You need to surround yourself with quality human beings that are intelligent and have a vision.
Vince McMahon - Intelligent - Partnership

I think my idea of retirement might be to one day work a 40-hour week.
Vince McMahon - Ideas - Work

If you stop building stars, which we never do, you wouldn't be in business.
Vince McMahon - Business - Products

Regardless of how well a studio is run, it's only as good as the product it produces.
Vince McMahon - Business - Management - Products

I don't mind paying people more for something if we're getting more. But just to change a deal because you're greedy and you want more? No. I'm not gonna go along with that.
Vince McMahon - Work - Greed

Quotations by the WWF company chairman - Vince McMahon Quotations by the WWF company chairman - Vince McMahon

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