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Vint Cerf Biography : Chief Internet Evangelist for Google
Famous for : being one of the founding fathers of the Internet, working on the TCP/IP protocols that help run the Internet, and for working at the search engine Google as "Chief Internet Evangelist".
Cerf details : Born - June 23, 1943 USA / Lives - United States of America

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The Internet is based on a layered, end-to-end model that allows people at each level of the network to innovate free of any central control. By placing intelligence at the edges rather than control in the middle of the network, the Internet has created a platform for innovation.
Vinton Cerf - Internet - Innovation

They say a year in the Internet business is like a dog year.. equivalent to seven years in a regular person's life. In other words, it's evolving fast and faster.
Vinton Cerf - Internet - Business
- Innovation

Science fiction does not remain fiction for long. And certainly not on the Internet.
Vinton Cerf - Internet - Growth

What's wonderful about Google is that as long as you bring ideas to the table, it doesn't matter what else is going on.
Vinton Cerf - Ideas

The remarkable social impact and economic success of the Internet is in many ways directly attributable to the architectural characteristics that were part of its design. The Internet was designed with no gatekeepers over new content or services.
Vinton Cerf - Internet - Success

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