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Wayne Huizenga Biography (Harry Wayne Huizenga) : Founder of Blockbuster Video
Famous for : growing the Waste Management Inc. company and founding the Blockbuster Video company.
Huizenga details : Born - December 29, 1937 USA Lives - United States of America

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The good things take care of themselves. We want to find all the negatives.
Wayne Huizenga - Challenges - Negative - Improvement

The faster we grew, the more stores we had open, the more money we made. Employees move quickly up the ranks of a company that's growing fast. Shareholders made a lot of money. If you invested $25,000 from January 1987 to January 1994, you'd have more than a million dollars. I get a lot of personal satisfaction from that.
Wayne Huizenga - Growth - Employee - Money
- Stocks - Companies

Our philosophy has been to be fiscally conservative, so we can be operationally aggressive. We're not using borrowed money to grow. So we'll put up a store just to get there before the competition. If it doesn't work, we'll close it and lose a little equity. It won't kill us.
Wayne Huizenga - Growth - Money - Competition

We're looking for something where we can make something happen: an industry where the competition is asleep, hasn't taken advantage. It's going to be hard to find another Blockbuster, but that doesn't mean you can't have three good companies growing. The point is, we're going to be busy.
Wayne Huizenga - Growth - Companies - Competition

I'm going to miss Blockbuster. I'm gonna miss being CEO and all that stuff. We had an atmosphere where everybody was happy. When people make money, they're happy.
Wayne Huizenga - Employee - Money
- Management - Happy

I don't want to be just a voice on the phone. I have to get to know these guys face-to-face and develop a sincere relationship. That way, if we run into problems in a deal, it doesn't get adversarial. We trust each other and have the confidence we can work things out.
Wayne Huizenga - Problems - Challenges - Confidence - Partnership

Blockbuster Video and Entrepreneur Wayne Huizenga Quotations by the Founder of Blockbuster Video and Entrepreneur H. Wayne Huizenga

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Blockbuster Video's Wayne Huizenga Quotes
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