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Difficult Quotes from some of the leaders in investing, business, and finance. Includes quotes about Difficulties, overcoming difficult situations and dealing with difficult people.

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People would ask me how I could stand the long campaigning, how I could stand being charged with the responsibilities of a great nation, one of the most powerful and difficult jobs in the world. It wasn't any more difficult than picking cotton all day or shaking peanuts.
Jimmy Carter - Power
- Responsibility - Jobs - Challenges

Creating a close connection to those you do business with has its many risks, rewards and consequences. There are few things in business I have encountered that are more difficult than firing someone, particularly if that someone has always been, or has become a friend. On the flipside, I have been rewarded with many friends
Mark Cuban - Challenges - People - Business - Partnership

It's very difficult to be continuously charitable in a capitalistic society. You've also got to make sure that you can pay everyone who works for you.
Felix Dennis - Difficult - Philanthropy
- Society - Wages - Capitalism - Charity

The most important ways in which I think the Internet will affect the big issue is that it will make it more difficult for government to collect taxes.
Milton Friedman - Economy - Internet - Taxes

Each success only buys an admission ticket to a more difficult problem.
Henry Kissinger - Success - Difficult - Problem

If you ask the wrong question, of course, you get the wrong answer. We find in design it’s much more important and difficult to ask the right question. Once you do that, the right answer becomes obvious.
Amory Lovins - Questions - Challenges

When you're touring and if you go to a party, there's automatically a celebrity-audience distance. It follows you around, especially when you're on the road in small towns. Any time there is awe, it gets very difficult to be normal, to be yourself. But I'm not saying that that's what made me the way I am. I've probably always been distant.
Steve Martin -
Famous - Difficult

Character is one factor that will guide all our actions and decisions. We invested in uncompromising integrity that helped us take difficult stands in some of the most difficult business situations.
Azim Premji - Truth - Decisions - Actions - Challenges

It was very difficult. We don't advertise this much, but those years that we went through were hell. I don't want to overstate the situation, but everything was mortgaged to the hilt, cash was a real problem, and it did limit what we were able to do.
Gina Rinehart - Challenges - Problems

Quotations about Overcoming Difficulties and Challenges Quotations about Overcoming Difficulties and Challenges

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