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Feng shui Quotes by inspirational people in the fields of business, finance, politics and motivation. Includes quotes about Feng shui, improving qi energy in homes and offices, the Chinese theory of balance in life, and Chinese astronomy.

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What could be more absurd than their imagining that the safety of a family, honors, and their entire existence must depend upon such trifles as a door being opened from one side or another, as rain falling into a courtyard from the right or from the left, a window opened here or there, or one roof being higher than another?
Matteo Ricci (Catholic missionary)

Every time you move things around and you align yourself in certain directions, you’re actually aligning to energy forces, which most people don’t understand. But what are these energy forces? These are cosmic energies.
Lillian Too (Feng Shui master)

Make sure there is no stagnation of energy and that the energy is moving. But you must avoid empty spaces in your house. Rooms must not be completely ignored. You should let the air flow through, and you must bring new energy into the home. You have to interact with nature and the energies of the cosmic forces.
Lillian Too

If you are able to work in harmony with the cosmic energies that are around you, you will feel very empowered.
Lillian Too

You yourself create the greatest energy. I can come to your house and do all your Feng Shui, but if you allow yourself to be very negative, then you create that kind of energy.
Lillian Too

I don’t have to believe in Feng Shui, I do it because it makes me money.
Donald Trump - Feng Shui - Money - Belief

I would guess that it might have made a difference. It certainly didn’t hurt us in any way. Feng shui creates a balance that I believe adds to the comfort zone of rooms and space, and that is felt by guests and residents.
Donald Trump - Feng Shui - Belief - Property

It's important to adhere to the principles of a large group of people that truly believe these principles, and if they believe them, then that's good enough for me.
Donald Trump - Feng Shui - Belief - Asian

Feng shui List of Quotes about Chinese Feng shui Principles

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