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Italian Quotes from some of the leaders in investing, business, and finance. Includes quotes about Italians, the European country of Italy, and being an Italian person.

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What we do in our group is the opposite of the bad effects of globalization. We produce in Italy and in France and we sell to China, when usually it's the opposite.
Bernard Arnault - Globalization - Bad - Italy - France - China - Selling - Products

The political tradition of ancient thought, filtered in Italy by Machiavelli, says one thing clearly: every prince needs allies, and the bigger the responsibility, the more allies he needs.
Silvio Berlusconi - Responsibility - Partnership - Politicians

Fifty per cent of the people who come here genuinely want to see my collection; the others to meet what they consider a celebrity.
Peggy Guggenheim - Museum
- Art Collecting - Italy - Celebrity - Famous

Quotations about being an Italian and the European Country of Italy Quotations about being an Italian and the European Country of Italy

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Famous Italian quotes
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